Today, there's been some great news with the Xbox One change of policies. Also, there has been a list of games that will be out I believe on launch for next gen consoles.  In the comments of every article regarding next gen consoles there's a war on who's exclusives are better.

Now there's a huge problem in this. No one beside the developers of those exclusives have even played a split second of any next gen exclusives. Even if they are a continuation of a series like Infamous The Second Son, or the next Halo. The only thing people have seen are previews and a few trailers. 

People may enjoy a trailer for an exclusive for their console of choice and disliked the exclusives on the competition. But have you played them? No. As history has shown, previews and trailers even at E3 can be deceiving. The latest example is Aliens Colonel Marines. While this is not an exclusives, it's still a game with a deceiving trailer. 

While this is the only one I know of, I'm sure true gamers who have more experience than me in this gen (i've only been in this gen and knowledgeable of the game industry for the past 2 years), can point out other games that had amazing trailers yet were terrible games. 

In the end, people need to stop showing their fanboyism or fangirlism and stupidity by saying (Enter next gen console here) exclusives are better.