Well now, that is what I would call a successful return.  Granted the momentum dwindled a bit at the end there, I don't think it takes away from the fact that the return had over 800 views and 20 comments.  Thank you all so much for making it worthwhile.  

Though not like I was just going to stop again.  After all, there are still a lot of awesome things to look forward to with this.

Things like this week's WGWC blogs, which honestly.... I mean I can't even begin to say just how amazing they were.  I can hardly believe the stories that this challenge brought out in people, and honestly I have never been so moved since indie's entry for week 1.  That's why I have to post this one separate though.  Posting it with the rest of the group couldn't do justice to just how amazingly personal this is.  So Chris, here you go.  

WGWC #6: How I found faith and my brother in left field - Chris, the savior of the galaxy?

"There was a man on second base and a fly ball was hit to me that I flat out dropped. I never dropped fly balls and I cost us the lead. Man was I pissed off after the play swearing like a sailor. But then when I looked up to the parking lot, I could see my family, my mom, dad and brother Alex (Jay was a benchwarmer) all sitting happy together with some of the other parents talking and laughing. Something just clicked with me there that it hadn't done for the past 16 years (I was a young high schooler). For some reason after that I prayed, I asked for some divine intervention in order to catch the d*mn ball. A couple plays later with two outs and man on base, a ball was hit to the left of me. It wasn't particularly challenging but I wanted to have faith that I knew I was going to catch it... and I caught it."

Honestly that paragraph right there is just.... there are no words for it.  It's beautiful, engaging, and everything that I love about writing.  Right there is why I write personally, to get out such emotions like this and to give them not just breath but actual life.  I am not going to lie, after reading everything else and getting to this I actually cried a bit. It's writing like this that just makes me want to be better than what I can be.

I hope you all take the time to read through the entirety of the blog, and not just skim it.  It's really something and I can't thank Chris enough for sharing it.  There really are no words that can do it justice, so please just take a minute and check it out.  And if you can't find the time then make the time for it because it is so worth it.

What is even more amazing is just how many blogs of this week managed to just make me stop and stare at the computer screen.

When you have people opening up to what are essentially random strangers on the internet inside of a community then I think personally it stops being a group and really turns into a community.  It's the reason why I wouldn't do this anywhere else, the reason why I came back, and the reason why I honestly do love it here.  Even if I am like the black sheep around here occasionally.

It's really why I want to see the new people get involved any way they can.  I want to hear their stories get to know who they are and overall just enjoy what they bring to the community.  It's why I found I enjoy doing this and am writing this up at 9:45 on a Sunday morning and don't know when I'll get done.

But that is the joy I get out of it, seeing people share things like this with others.  It's really amazing and I can't thank all those that participated enough.