Alrighty, here we are ladies and gentleman.  Not even 24 hours removed from the Extra Life marathon and already we're underway on another project.

Speaking of which, congrats to all the gamers that participated in the Extra Life Charity Marathon.  That was an awesome time, and especially thanks to Mojo for bringing it together like he did.  Way to go dude.

Anyways, for those of you who do not know what this is, please refer to the blog post here on it.   The short version is that this is a way for bloggers to really work on their writing in a controlled setting.  This series is going to be designed to get people outside of their comfort zones and really make them work at writing.  Granted it won't be too intense, only doing it once a week, but practice is practice. All you have to do to participate is follow the guidelines and then make sure your title includes the acronym WGWC (titles by the way can be whatever you want for your blogs.  After all making a good title is just as important for getting seen as writing a good blog).

Now then this is going to be a rather short post.  Normally what I would have next is the blogs from the participants from the previous week, but since this is week 1 there is no previous week.

The challenge for the first week is appropriately an introduction.  What I am looking for is a 700-1000 word blog on you.  Specifically on you as a writer.  What I want to hear is mainly two things.  Where you think you are right now, and where you hope to end up with writing.  Do you aspire to be a full on gaming journalist?  Are you happy being an amateur blogger?  Tell me what you really want to do with your writing. How about what typically gives you problems in writing.

This is an especially important topic, and I believe is probably something that every blogger should do.  Even if you start the challenge later, I would suggest that you do this blog before anything else.  After all, a bit of reflection and really setting down some goals allows one to really focus on the things they want to work at and subsequently makes it a bit easier to figure out ways that you want to improve.

There are no other limitations to this blog besides the word count.  I find that 700-1200 will be the average for blogs not focused on expanding what we are talking about, or trying to narrow our focus, so figure that it'll either be 700-1000, or 1000-1200 most weeks.

Anyways, I look forward to reading all of your blogs and can't wait to see who all participates.

PS. As a note I'm looking for someone that has photoshop skills to make a few images for this series.  If you have the time please let me know.