How do you define perfection?

It's a tricky thing to think about.  I mean there is of course the argument that there is no such thing as perfection.  That perfection is impossible to achieve, because everything can always get better.  Then you have the argument that perfection is just being the best at something.

Perfection to me though, is a game.  Specifically speaking; Shadow of the Colossus.

To say it's my favorite game ever is an understatement.  Shadow of the Colossus to me is what the Mona Lisa to art critics.   It's just indescribable to put into words, and honestly no matter how in depth I go or how much I write about it I will never do the game justice with mere words.

It's a game that you really have to just experience, and that might be the best way to start.  Really Shadow of the Colossus is much less a game, and much more of an experience.

From the opening scene before you even start a new game it draws you in.  There are no words until about three or so minutes in, but even with no words, the scenes themselves give you everything that you need.  From the shot of Wander and Agro under cover in the rain, till the point where he reaches the long bridge there is nothing but questions.

And yet despite that you never really feel like you need them answered.  Not even when the first words/subtitles of the game come on do you feel like you need to understand it.  The game quite simply just takes your breath away and continues to do so throughout the entirety of the game.

I mean even before your first encounter with a colossus the game gives you one of the most epic experiences that you can have.

I wrote before that the FFX calm land was one of the most epic experiences that I had had in a game.  It was the most epic until I played this game.

This game just simply changed my perspective of what games could be.  Just how grand they were and really what games could become.  It made itself stand out in every way.  From storytelling, to graphics, to sound, to gameplay, Shadow was something neither I nor anyone else had ever seen.