It's been several months since I last popped Skyrim into my PS3 and with the announcement that we'll (finally) be getting some dlc in January I'm considering a return to Tamriel with this fine, chilly day off I've got.  Many of you know that I've poured hundreds of hours into this game and while I've leveled several characters past 50 and explored most of the side content, I've never completed the main path.  Why, some of you may ask?  I just get lost in the world in the best answer I've been able to come up with.  Early in the game's lifespan I would've replied that I wanted to fully power a character so as to make the story finale feel like the true end to the game.  Over a year later my first response holds up as the much truer of the two.

Let's face it.  It's a big world with a ton of things to do.  Whether it's getting off the beaten path while forging towards a new city to explore some ruins or losing yourself buying, selling, and crafting your way to the best available suit of armor, the world of Tamriel is mesmerizing in many ways. 

Even the under-used settings of the game contained some breathtaking environments and the wealth of things to do getting to and from said places has become one of my favorite ways to burn through some spare time. 

Aside from the rich environments and cool things to do there's another point to make regarding Skyrim's longevity as the game of choice (or at least a side-thought) for many of us.  The actual freedom to play the game near however you see fit is a huge draw towards bringing me back.  I've usually played as either a thief/assassin type or a cleric (healing and mace-work).  I'm considering a stealth/magic-user this time around and based on early tries at the style I know it'll be a very different experience.

Aside from taking a different play-style, I'm planning on using a completely different path to get there.  I've done very little work in the west or north-west part of the map having always bee-lined to Riften with the occasional fast-travel to west of Falkreath for the assassins guild.  Heading west after speaking with the monks and then north through Solitude will give the entire game a new feel. 

Another bonus of going this direction will be that I can join the Imperial side of the civil war.  I'm aware that most of the missions will be very similar to the Stormcloak side of things but new bits of dialogue and differently skinned AI allies to die for me will have to be enough this time around...

I haven't been one to complain (loudly anyway) about the performance of Bethesda games on the PS3.  When the frame-rate dropped early on I would re-start the system and the problem would fix itself.  I'm aware others had issues, but I've played all of the Elder Scrolls games and don't remember any, on any platform, that ran flawlessly.  Bethesda makes exceptionally deep games and for me it's enough.  With the newer patches I don't remember noticing any technical issues and the game ran smoothly last time I played. 

Previous dlc that ended up being exclusive to non-PS3 users didn't interest me enough to bring any ill-will towards the company's apparent inability to get the game running on my system.  The new Dragonborn content does however.  While I'm slightly disappointed to not be playing it now, I'll accept a January release if it adds as much as I've seen through coverage it appears to. 

New cities, stories, weapons and armor, and enemies make for a compelling buy to someone who really digs the Elder Scrolls series.  Traveling to places I remember exploring from my Morrowind days and finding, buying, stealing, or crafting newer, more powerful sets of gear sounds like it would make for some seriously good times.  And of course I can't forget to mention the biggest draw of all...

While seemingly implausible from a story-telling standpoint, the ability to tame, or at least compel, a dragon into being your mount in-game is one of the coolest additions to the series in years. It's because of this content that I've decided to dive back into Tamriel for what may be one last spin.  It's been a good year plus and with the Dragonborn release (for PS3 players anyway) in January another few months at least got added to the time I'll be spending with the game.

Crow all you want XBOX users, I'm just glad to be getting it!

Anyone else considering another spin through Tamriel?

What's you're favorite play-style or character type?

Thanks for reading guys and gals!