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I've never considered myself a die-hard fan of the Angry Birds franchise.  Sure, they're fun and all, but they just never really offered the depth that I've come to expect from my video games.  While that hasn't really changed with the release of the newest installment, I have found myself drawn to this volume in ways previous entries were never able to pull off.

Like the movie franchise it's based on, Star Wars Angry Birds (I will not flip the words!) starts out on Tatooine and has quite a few cartoon still shots to convey the story.  The basic mechanics of the game are relatively unchanged from previous iterations although new Star Wars themed powers and some elements from Space have been included to stay on theme. 

I'm about halfway through the second world which is appropriately based on the Death Star and have been having enormous amounts of fun killing stormtrooper pigs with my lightsaber, force push, blaster fire, or exploding 3PO.  The range of powers available as well as the reliance on gravity wells surrounding different environments actually has me thinking about the best/easiest way to clear each stage.

So, I find myself sitting on about 150 stars earned and am trying to figure out a way to keep playing even though my shift at work starts in 45 minutes!  I suppose I'll just have to keep my phone in the car today as I can't guarantee my willpower will hold.

Finally!  A game that pulled me away from my XCOM addiction!  Only to replace it with one just as insidious and fun!

Anyone else tried this out yet?

It feels just different enough to warrant more Angry Birds...

I just hope the Hoth DLC releases before I finish the Death Star level!

Thanks for reading team!