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While making an occasional appearance in games, ancient Egypt offers far too many game-play possibilities to be ignored as a primary setting any longer.  We've got game locales ranging from inner-cities, national monuments, and religious icons to fantastical areas, former US enemy territories, and (shakes head) too much of the middle-east.  For some reason, this land with all it's secrets and fascinating areas has been largely ignored.

So, why do I think that Egypt offers so much in terms of the variety needed for a good game?  First, is the wealth of unexplained history and culture.  For starters, their 'pantheon' of gods is among the coolest ever.  You've got Osiris and Set, the sons of Ra and their eternal struggle with each other.  Add to that the jackal god Anubis, and a host of others and you've got your story basis and even a meta-game to keep characters busy.  Schemes inside of schemes inside of more schemes seems the best way to describe the Egyptian gods and the story and game-play possibilities are nearly endless.


(Yellow up the hue and we've got it!)

The next aspect of Egypt that would translate well to a game is the huge amount of landmarks and unexplained man-made objects.  Tomb robbing, historical excavations, and defending (or exploiting) such sites from those with ill will would be all the side-missions or extra content a game could wish for.

(Just look at all the 'cover' points!)

Added to the cool locations would be the near-necessary inclusion of some of the more 'rediculous' theories surrounding the ancient Egyption culture.  While grave-robbing (or defending), you could stumble upon information regarding the mummification process. 

Perhaps rumors of necromancy among the power-elite of the time weren't so far fetched after all.  Adding an overused enemy while keeping some semblance of story practicality would be cool and (probably) as fun as I imagine.  While we're getting crazy with ideas, the alien theme could be brought up with some legitimacy as well.  Rumors swirl about possible 'visitations' to the early Egyptians and could add some cool twists and turns to the story of a game.

(Change Dogmeat to Catmeat and we're set!)

Ancient Egypt's just too cool to keep being (largely) ignored.  Everything I can think of that would make for a perfect game setting is here.  We just need a developer to put some effort into making it awesome.  Games could range from an ancient history rts to a modern day tech-thriller with echos to the past.  Somebody really should get on this idea...

Any other 'under-used' locales you'd like to point out?

Why are games so similar in their choice of settings?

God of War meets Fallout meets Assassins Creed with this historical background would be so sweet!

Thanks for reading guys and gals!