Like the picture says, XCOM Enemy Unknown has led me to think in new ways about some old things.  Regardless of genre or system, all games have one element intrinsically in common.  That thing is the loading screen.  It's been around for quite a while but for the past several generations has been synonomous with gaming.  I can't even begin to imagine the combined time all of us have spent staring at one of them or another.  Possibly close to as much time spent gaming itself.  Like it or not it deserves some sort of tribute is I suppose what I'm trying to say...

Oh Major Macdonald

why must you fall?

This squad of rookies needs you

as well as my patience.

15-40 seconds wasted every time I must see her

In this most recent of games I've been playing.

For years it seems I've been courting this lady

I see every night as I drift off to sleep.

There was a time before, I can see it quite clearly

It seems lifeless and dull in recollection.

Then things colored, became immersive and grand.

Then the lady, call her 'load screen' started dogging my days

Games long past counting and load screens much more

I wonder what else could have been done.

Every time a defeat but also a win

Potential arising out of despair.

The load screen she loves me and I won't complain!

Major Macdonald let's try this once more

Load screen, oh load screen, please let me win.

Thought I'd try something new...

No editing was done so early pardons to you finger wagging literary elites!

Thanks a lot XCOM!  Another night wasted re-starting one battle!

And you guys (and gals) for reading!