Bzzt, bzzt, bzzt...

I woke up at 4:30 am today, not at all well rested.  It's a shame to lose the xp bonus, but gaming went late last night and I can always sleep when I die.  Feeling a bit on the rough side, I drank three cups of coffee prior to leaving for work rather than the typical two for a day I wake this early in order to gain the perception and charisma boost needed to get through the first half of the day.  Upon leaving my neighborhood it occurred to me that I'd be dealing with an armor penalty as it's cold and I left my jacket on the porch. I hoped for an encounter-free shift or I'd be taking quite a bit more damage than I could handle.

The commute to work is about twenty-five minutes long and at about a third of the way into the trip my first chance to use vats arrived in the form of a deer in the road. (Curse you Missouri!)

The sun wasn't up yet and the coffee hadn't kicked in, but with the help of time slowing and my reflexes sharpening I was able to nimbly avoid the deer and some trees by swerving into the other lane and nearly skidding out of control.  Good thing I took the lower damage threshold perk to gain extra ap or I'd be a mess on the highway still!

Immediately upon arriving at work my speech skills were challenged by a higher-up who disapproved of one of my newer initiatives.  Speech challenge success!  At least a few more days will go by before someone hassles me about it again!  Shortly after that one of our pieces of equipment broke down and it was outside the range of my repair ability.  With some quick thinking I dug up the manual and read it until I gained the +20 skill bonus.  (I always get that perk!)  With my repair skill now high enough I was able to fix the apparatus and go on with my day.

I chose to skip lunch as opposed to staying late and was immediately penalized for it.

 Between the fatigue and irritability, it was obvious my strength, endurance, and charisma were being penalized for the decision but I forced my way through the afternoon anyway.  It should be noted at this point that a rather annoying new hire companion at work appeared to be having issues with her companion wheel for most of the day.  It seemed stuck on 'chat and follow', which I don't recall being an option in the game.  Resisting the urge to enter vats unarmed and take a massive karma hit was tough, but the real-world ramifications would be too severe. 

There was a second speech challenge in the afternoon that I should have prepared better for with some mentats and a magazine.  I subsequently failed to sway my boss towards letting my vacation time roll over to January for a ski trip in the spring.  You win some you lose some I suppose...

The drive home offered a second opportunity to utilize vats by (dangerously) passing a slow/bad driver on a two-lane, country highway.  It worked, but not without angering the elderly driver who used her horn and that 'magic' finger to show her disapproval.  After an uneventful remainder to the drive, I returned home to a shower and a snack.  My well-rested bonus was back!

Checking open quests...

"Surf GIO, then play Max Payne 3 and enjoy yourself!"

Done and done!

I plan on sleeping in an owned bed tonight, but can't guarantee I'll actually get much!  Looks like a 'poorly rested' penalty's coming for me tomorrow!

Thanks for reading guys!