(Probably, but still amazing...)

There are things about all video games that irk me.  Whether it's how a scene was written, a character developed, or an area depicted, I can always find small matters that annoy me in even the greatest games.  In recent years some of the most overused video game tropes have become fodder for the Internet 'roasting' that many feel they deserve.  I'm here to argue the opposite, to an extent.  While some tweaking may be needed to keep things feeling fresh, I truly believe there'll always be a place in gaming for these overused but awesome game moments.

The plucky lad protagonist...

(I don't remember being such a tool at 13, but perspective's a funny thing...)

In defense of the Sora's, Vaan's, and Ezio's of the world, I'd like to say that the excitable youth's still a viable option for lead character.  I think that, for the most part, the complaints regarding playing as these sorts of characters comes from the aging group of gamers who've been around from day one (or near enough) like myself.  As we've grown older, the desire to play as a character that resembles in one way or another ourselves has blinded us to the fact that for a majority of gamers that age is reflective of them.  I'm not saying that all games need a teen hero, but that there'll always be a place for them in gaming.

The lengthy cinematic...

(Even with hours of cut-scenes this game made little sense...)

The rage among developers these days is to incorporate more of the story into in-game sections rather than relying on CGI cut-scenes.  I like the trend, but still see a place for moderate to lengthy moments in order to tell the story.  The Uncharted's and Gears of War's have shown that short cinematic's seamlessly woven into game-play can be a very effective way to illustrate the story.  Not every game needs to have story altering aspects and in the case of lengthier single-player games, the cut-scene is still key.  Who doesn't occasionally like to set the controller down and just enjoy a pretty scene?

The quick time event...

A whole lot of gamers have issues with QTE's.  Whether it's because the cinematic is interrupted, the sequence of button presses is too difficult, or they just seem silly, few things gaming are as disliked as the QTE.  Yet developers keep on using them and I for one couldn't be happier.  What started as a way to keep the gamer involved during what used to be lengthy cut-scenes (see above), the QTE has evolved into a juggernaut of game-play itself.  Many games from nearly every genre use these events and, while I see a need to improve them, they still serve a valuable purpose in keeping us involved in the game.  Along with the above mentioned seamless integration of cinematic's, QTE's provide us the gamer with newer and fresher ways to enjoy our hobby.

The two gun limit...

(Quick! Shoot below the shield!)

If it were up to me every game would let you stack as many guns as you'd like into your inventory.  Everyone likes more guns right?  Unfortunately most of the games would be downright crappy if it was allowed.  The two gun limit serves two vital purposes in gaming.  First, it grounds action games into some semblance of reality.  Lugging around more than an M4, four grenades, body armor, and your sidearm would have to get difficult.  Secondly, allowing all of the guns would create some serious balance issues.  By limiting initial load-outs and tailoring what becomes available throughout a level, developers can create much more finely tuned scenarios for us to blast our way out of.  While it'd be fun to have access to flame-throwers, rpg's, sub-machine guns and more all of the time, once the novelty wore off many areas of many more games would become less fun.

There's no question that the gaming industry needs to continue to evolve in order to improve.  That said, I thinks there's still room for all of these gaming tropes to continue to make appearances in our favorite titles.  With some tweaking these 'stale' ideas could become fresh and exciting again.  Remember how the collapsing building in Uncharted 2 made you re-think your opinion of what a cut-scene could be?  How about the first time you dis-membered the hydra in God of War?  Would Kingdom Hearts be the success it has been without Sora?  Doubtful...

They may be over-used, but some things should be here to stay.

Nothing deserves being considered 'off-limits' to change however.

How would you change up some of the above to keep them around but add a bit of 'freshness'?

Thanks for reading and good night all!