Hello, all. It's me again. God knows it's been quite a while. I think by now this blog qualifies for some sort of award from Saint. It's been a very, very long time since I last posted. If anyone remembers me, yay. For most of you who won't, welcome. I'll try not to bore you. That's not a guarantee, though. I reserve the right to blog incessantly about how great Mass Effect 3 is.

Part of the reason why it's been such a long time since last posting is because of school. Classes this semester were quite a bit harder and required a lot more time spent studying. This didn't leave much time for blogging. The good news is that I came out of this semester with a perfect 4.0, an A grade in every class. So at least the time and effort was worth it.

The other reason was that for the past couple months of college, I've been focusing more on getting out of the dorm room and interacting with people. Gaming is great and all, but you can only replay Mass Effect so many times. Eventually, it just gets... boring. Besides, as socially awkward as I am in real life, I really do enjoy hanging out with a few close friends. That's what I tried to do more of this past semester.

You may have seen me before.

It was a success. Probably the best part of college is learning that no matter how strange or different you might think you are, there is always someone who shares those same interests. A college campus is like a geeky Mecca, a place where nerds of all stripes can come together and celebrate liking things that most people have never heard of. Trust me, it's awesome.

For you GIO members who haven't been to college yet- it's worth it. The people you meet there are simultaneously terrifying and awesome. I was used to being the only person I knew who had read all of Game of Thrones and seen the complete series of Lost. In college, that's mandatory reading/viewing. Put it this way: among the people I met, it was more rare for someone not to have read Game of Thrones than vice versa.

That's pretty cool. We geeks by nature live somewhat sheltered lives, which is why it's such a relief to meet other people with similar interests. Over the past year I've gotten into rather complex discussions on the morality and literary qualities of Mass Effect as a whole. Another guy I met was playing through The Witcher 2 for the first time and really struggling with the difficulty. Another girl had read way more than I (and I read a whole lot of stuff).

This general aura of geekiness goes double for gaming. Almost everybody is a gamer of some sort or another. StarCraft and League of Legends are especially popular, as well as Super Smash Bros and Team Fortress 2. And Minecraft. Everybody plays Minecraft, even the non-geeky people. Yes, there's a club for bronies. They take marginally less crap in college than they do anywhere else. I guess that's something.

Above all, it's just nice to have friends who quote Star Wars ("Your skin is smooth, not like sand") or have the poem from The Lord of the Rings memorized. Cool people like that are difficult to find in real life when you're not at college.

I'll be trying to post more over this summer now that school's over and I have marginally more spare time. We'll see... I'm applying for a pretty huge internship with the local paper, so that might end up taking up a boatload of time.

So, what happened while I was gone?