I don't know how to start this blog. To be honest, just writing it is difficult enough. I feel constantly distracted and unable to focus. I can't stop thinking about Mass Effect 3.

Anybody who can see that giant ME3 poster above this blog knows that I absolutely love the Mass Effect series. When ME3 came out, I was playing it at 12:01 AM Tuesday morning (Origin lets you pre-download games). After a week and many, many hours of gameplay I can safely say that BioWare has done the impossible. Despite all of the hype and raised expectations (especially from me), Mass Effect actually lives up to everything we hoped it could be.

Mass Effect 3 is awesome.

Start with the single-player. BioWare sort of listened to all the people who complained that ME2 was too shooter-y. The new entry is even more shooter (seriously, I thought I was playing Gears of War) but also gets a little more RPG. Branching skills and weapon customization come back in a big way in this game. The only thing they changed that annoyed me is they took out the "neutral" dialogue option. That's lame.

The story is fantastic as well. I won't get into specifics because spoilers suck. Let's just say that the series which set the high water mark for cinematic action and deep characters has outdone itself. Mass Effect 3's hardcore wartime series is darkly compelling and absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed the story in ME1, but ME3 tops it. I haven't reached the ending, though... hopefully it's not as bad as everyone says.

As a matter of fact, 3 is the best entry in just about every category. All the problems and annoyances from the previous games are totally gone in ME3. Aside from that missing neutral dialogue option, there is literally nothing I'd change about this game. It may have taken two sequels, but BioWare has finally gotten everything right. This is the Mass Effect experience we've been dreaming of.

However, what really steals the show for me is the new multiplayer mode. When they announced that ME3 would have multiplayer, I was a little worried. The good news is that those worries are totally unfounded.

Putting four players together to fend off hordes of enemies is pure awesomeness. Frantically coordinating fire and defending against Cerberus or the Reapers is incredibly intense. I love it.

Part of the reason the multiplayer is so intense is the revamped AI. Enemies are way, way smarter this time around. The bad guys in Mass Effect 3 have some of the smartest enemies I've ever seen. They dodge powers, flank, use suppressing fire, and counter your melee attacks.

In ME2 you could hide behind a barrier and pick off enemies from a safe distance without every moving. The new bad guys (especially the Cerberus shock troops) are will throw grenades or flank you, forcing you out of cover.

By the way, playing Mass Effect 3 with strangers is getting old. If any of you have ME3 on Origin for PC, leave a comment. I'd love to play with you.

I guess what I'm trying to get out is that Mass Effect 3 is everything I hoped it would be. Considering just how high those hopes were, that's saying something. BioWare has truly outdone itself and made a masterpiece.

Side note: no spoilers in the comments. Everybody's at a different part of the story, and we don't want to ruin anything. Also, leave a comment if you've got the (legal) PC version. I need teammates.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to cut this blog short. The galaxy won't save itself.