Hey, GIO. It's been a while. Things have been crazy with midterms. It doesn't leave too much time for blogging. However, I have to make time to discuss the upcoming event which has so dominated my calendar for the past couple months. Mass Effect 3 is finally, finally releasing.

So here we are.

To be honest, I feel calm more than anything. During the past six months or so, I have felt every sort of emotion related to this game. Love, fear, anticipation, trepidation, excitement, wariness... it's been a bit of a ride.

However, as I sit here typing in anticipation, the only feeling left is peacefulness. I've given up worrying about Mass Effect. No matter how good or bad it may be, ME1 and 2 are still two of my favorite games ever. No matter what happens, I'll still have those experiences. And no matter what happens, ME3 promises to be at least a little epic.

For those of you who aren't longtime readers, I'm kind of a huge fan of Mass Effect. The series isn't real innovative but godd*mn is it fun. Shepard, Joker, Liara, Tali, Garrus, Saren, Wrex... these are all the names that have come to bear great meaning to me. They're not just AI partners, they are your team. Since this is the finale of the series, they could die. I just hope my decisions can save the galaxy without killing too many of my teammates.

Truthfully, playing Mass Effect 3 scares me. What if I've built it up too much? What it's secretly terrible? What if I don't like it? The anticipation is a negative factor in and of itself.

However, all those questions and doubts fade away as I watch the launch trailer for the second time. If nothing else, Mass Effect 3 looks impressive. I have faith in BioWare to get it right. I know they will.

Fair warning, I might not post anything for a while. I'll be playing Mass Effect. The next time I post a blog, it will be after playing Mass Effect.

This is Doctor Apozem, signing off.