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Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Gets Angry Birds-Like Target Blast Minigame

With Super Smash Bros. just two months away on 3DS, we’re starting to get a better look at more of the elements included in the package. A new mode, called Target Blast, combines elements of the previous entries’ Target Smash and Home-run contest.

In this minigame, players will need to deal as much damage as possible to a bomb before launching at a structure littered with targets. Launching the explosive at the right time and aiming for the most chain reaction damage will net you the highest score.

Looking especially at the second image, this has a similar feel to Angry Birds, with pieces of the structure used to further the damage. The better you do, the more you’ll improve your “Global Smash Power” for online ranking. For more on Super Smash Bros., check out our coverage from E3 as the Wii Fit Trainer and Greninja. The 3DS version is slated to release on October 3. The Wii U version is yet undated, though Nintendo is targeting the “Holiday 2014” window. 

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  • I seen on a pic that the 3ds has a Wii U function of some sort. I wonder if the amiibos have something to do with it? ( yep ) I also wonder if this could be the game that bridges the Wii U/3ds together. Then again, the amiibos could do it as well.

  • Wondering if I should get this version or just wait for the Wii U version.
  • Cool

  • Whatever let it rock, Smash Bros Angry Birds will he a fun diversion from smashing my friends into the ground as Lucario and Greninja.
  • I know right now it looks like there's only word of this on the 3DS version, but because of the gamepad there's a chance we could see this on Wii U as well.

  • Sakurai taking ideas from Angry Birds? lol. Whatever I'm sure since its a mix of Target Blast and Home run contest, it'll actually be fun.
  • You know Angry Birds did not originate this idea. I actually found a game of it online back in like 04.
  • .... I am Groot.
  • I love the concept, but I wish it looked less like Angry Birds. Either way, i'm sure it'll be very fun.

  • Looks fun, I hope the similarities to angry birds doesn't get it into an legal troubles.

  • More minigames souns like fun :)

  • Nintendo is making a really dumb mistake of having the 3ds version come out first. Given how much the wii u is struggling they should be prioritizing the wii u version.