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Tetris Ultimate

Challenge Modes Shake Up The Classic Formula This Fall

After nearly 30 years of vexing players with frantic brick-placement shenanigans, Tetris keeps finding ways to reinvent itself to stay fresh for new audiences. Today, Ubisoft announced Tetris Ultimate will come to 3DS with four exclusive challenge modes: Master, Rotation Lock, Escalation, and Invisible.

While Rotation Lock and Invisible are self explanatory (and sound absurdly challenging), master mode sees the Tetromino game pieces dropping instantly, removing the ability to guide them down the screen at your own pace, and Escalation requires you to remove more lines as you progress through levels. The 3DS version will also allow you to share and record replays, as well as view your friends', so you can adopt and adapt strategies to climb the worldwide leaderboards.

In addition to these platform-exclusive modes, Tetris Ultimate 3DS comes with classic game modes like endless and sprint modes, as well as two online battle modes. On top of the traditional battle mode, Battle Ultimate introduces offensive and defensive power-ups for added complexity.

Tetris Ultimate releases digitally for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this summer, with the 3DS, Vita, and PC versions slated for this fall. For more, check out the image gallery below.

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  • Hurry up and come out then!!

  • OMG!!! Ubisoft is making a 3DS game. Unbelievable!!!

  • Am I the only one that wants another tetris sphere??? I loved that game! Dont get me wrong i love tetris games but tetris sphere was (in my opinion) above and beyond!
  • Tetris DS will forever be the ultimate version. Mario moves through the courses as you complete layers and the game had like 10 other modes like a shooter with tetris blocks.

    Generic blue backgrounds will never compete with the NES Mushroom Kingdom.

  • Tetris Party is by far the best Tetris game so far. Too many modes to count. If they can manage to pack in everything that had and more, then this will be amazing.

  • there needs to be a Tetris on Wii U... theres already a great one on 3DS

  • also i hope the games focus goes back to tetris and moves away from t-spin... I mean the game is called tetris, a back to back tetris should be worth more than a back to back t-spin. plus it takes out more lines

  • This sounds kind of neat. The Tetris games could use some more modes that are challenging and not just gimmicky. Tetris: Axis on the 3DS was pretty lame, so it's good to see a capable Tetris game show up on the portable system.