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Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

New Screens And Details Emerge For Mega Sableye

The official Pokémon website has been updated with some new images and some new details about Sableye and its Mega Evolution.

Sableye has been appearing in the Pokémon games since the original Ruby and Sapphire, but during E3, it was revealed it will be able to Mega Evolve in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Here's Mega Sableye's description on the Pokémon site:

Sableye has concentrated all of the energy from its Mega Evolution into the red jewel on its chest, which increases in size and detaches from its body. This enlarged jewel boasts incredible hardness, and it is said that no attack can even make a scratch on it!

When Sableye Mega Evolves, its Defense and Sp. Attack stats both get big boosts. Its Speed stat does decrease slightly, perhaps because of the weight of its huge jewel. Thanks to its Magic Bounce Ability, any moves that affect only stats or status conditions will be bounced back at its attacker.

For more on Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire head here and here for a few predictions about the upcoming remakes. You can check out some more Mega Sableye images in the screen gallery below.

[Source: Pokémon, via Siliconera]

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  • Kind of curious on this one. If I remember right, What made sableye so good was it use of prankster as an ability. oh well, happy to see some attention given to this iconic pokemon.
  • Magic bounce is probably the one status-related ability better than prankster. It allows you to use Sableye's mega evolution as a tool to beat other pranksters. Sweet.
  • I love Sableye. No type weaknesses for this beast prior to the implementation of the fairy type. Digging the mega evolution.

  • I don't know...I like the design and all, but Sableye was pretty competent just the way it was. I'd like to see Pokemon like Tropius, Flygon or even Torkoal that don't perform well competitively get a Mega Evolution. It seems as though Game Freak is just giving them to Pokemon that are already strong and popular.
  • Hopefully more pokemon that are low on stats get more megas. Tyrannitar didn't need it as much as say a Farfetch'd would.


    God Magic Bounce won't be good on it. Guess I'm sticking to regular Sableye.

  • Mega Sableye sounds like he's gonna be mighty popular among the competitive community.
  • Does stealth rock count as a status effect? Mega Sableye could have some real use if it can reflect those abilites!
  • I'm not that hyped for this game but I still want it.

  • I hope Flygon gets a Mega Evolution!
  • Things detaching from living creatures just freaks me out, honestly.