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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Spending Time With The Upgraded Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy On 3DS

Phoenix and pals look sharper than ever for the remastered trilogy coming soon to 3DS.

The collection gathers Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice For All, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations together in one downloadable package. For the trilogy re-release, the game's art has been upgraded, but otherwise all the dialogue, story, etc., appear to be unchanged from the games' original releases.

Background and character art has all been redrawn for re-release on the 3DS, and everything looks sharp. Pushing up the 3D slider separates the text, characters, and backgrounds each onto their own planes, and it looks great. The menus have also received some flashy new effects that involve spinning text boxes that add a certain level of pizzazz to otherwise simple actions, like selecting something from a menu.

The collection is set for release winter of this year for $29.99 – an excellent deal if you're looking to replay the games, or experience the first few games in the series for the first time.

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  • Not sure if you should buy this? Buy it! You won't regret it. I guarantee it.

  • This is good. I never beat the second, and never got around to the third. Can't wait to play this.
  • I'd say Apollo is either dlc or standalone but it needs to be added too! Can't wait!!
  • I would get this on the app store instead, it's almost half the price and the art style is the same. The only difference between both is 3D on the 3DS version.

  • Never had the chance to play these but always wanted to. I guess now I have no excuse.

  • Actually, $29.99 isn't an excellent deal for this because you can get it all on a smartphone for half that price. Seriously this is a port of a smartphone game why is no one mentioning that fact is Capcom holding you at gunpoint because I could see them doing that
  • If it also had a boxed copy, I would be all over this, but for now, I'll pass. I have the first three games digitally already, I just need a boxed copy(ies) so I can display one of my favorite series on my shelf. I also have to save my money for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, anyways. I can't wait!!!
  • Double the price of the remastered ios version. No box. No thanks.
  • Mod

    Definitely going to get this!!!

  • This looks cool for a remastered trilogy. I'll get this for sure.