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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

New Screens And Trailer

In preparation for E3, Capcom has released an action-packed trailer as well as a bevy of screenshots. The first western trailer (below) emphasizes new environments, crafting mechanics, and revamped online cooperative play.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is set to release for the 3DS in early 2015. For more info on the game’s new features and a video interview with Monster Hunter series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, check out our earlier coverage here.

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  • I want this on the Wii U so badly. But if not then I shall have to buy a 3DS to play it.
  • I think the Wii U would benefit from having this game in its catalog. I have MH3U on the Wii U and I like it a hell lot more than its 3DS counterpart.
  • Love that it's soooo colorful! Also why can't this be out at least late 2014 :( I want it soooooo baaad!

  • Well, looks like this may just be the game that will force me to re-buy a 3DS. I wanted to wait for the redesign with two circle pads (I know nothing has been announced but a guy can dream...), but this looks just too good to pass up. This is also assuming there is no WiiU version. I would buy that over the 3DS one any day of the week. Also, love the use of music from Two Steps From Hell.
  • I would much rather play this on a Wii U than struggle with touchscreen camera controls, but if this is the only system it's on...
  • Is it still worth playing 3 Ultimate or should I just wait for this.
  • Dang it!!! I need a circle pad pro now.

  • cant wait

  • YES! just... YES!!! (hope they announce a wii u version!)

  • This better come out on Wii U too! They need to validate me buying one!

  • Why does this look worse than MH3U on 3DS?

  • I need this. but please put it on the Wii U as well.

  • Come to Wii U... come to Wii U...

  • Lets hope it is well optimized for the 3DS.

  • common, ps3/4 western release

  • Why did they stop making this for playstation system? Psp graphics look so much better than this.

  • Ahh! if only it was more popular in the US it would be on the on the xbox and ps4!