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Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

Two New Trailers Introduce Elizabeth And Margaret

A pair of new trailers for the upcoming 3DS exclusive Persona Q show us Elizabeth and Margaret.

Both are residents of the Velvet Room with Elizabeth originally appearing in Persona 3 and Margaret in Persona 4. The trailers are in Japanese, as all of Persona Q's trailers have been so far, but the game is planned for release in North America.

For more on the game head here to learn about the battle system, here for more on the cast, and here and here for more on the game's labyrinth. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth launches in Japan on Thursday June 5, and is coming to North America this fall.



[Via: Gematsu]

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  • I always really liked the contrast between these two characters. Elizabeth's new color design is pretty cool. Edit: Wait a minute... I just saw Shinjiro....
  • Please Atlus, just give us a release date already! I'm so excited for this game I can hardly stand it!

  • I can't freaking wait! My 3DS is ready.
  • I personally like Margeret more
  • Perfect considering I just started Persona 3 and 4 and LOVE both of them.
  • I love the more cutesy art style they're going with this game. Will probably pick it up.

  • Those are yesterday's trailers; the two new trailers of today showcase Marie and Theodore.
  • Isn't Margaret's hair supposed to be blonde? I'm fairly certain it was. Very excited for this game though. Love both Persona and Etrian Odyssey. Also, does the fact that this doesn't have a release date for NA mean you can't pre-order it?

  • I really love the Persona casts and everything, but I was never too crazy about the Etrian Oddessey (pretty sure I butchered the spelling) gameplay. Still, interested to see more about this, especially when we finally get some English trailers.

  • But not Theo? Sad day :'(
  • Ohhhhhh this game :D