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Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life Continues Weird Streak With Shaquille O'Neal In New Trailer

Shaquille O'Neal appears in the latest Tomodachi Life trailer to show off some weird dreams, and loses his mind when he can't have any macaroni and cheese.

Tomodachi Life is basically Nintendo's take on The Sims with a healthy dash of humor from games like Wario Ware. It's strange and everything Nintendo has revealed about the game has been laughably bizarre. You can check out the latest trailer for the game below, or you can check out the seven weirdest moments from the game's announcement Nintendo Direct presentation by heading here.

Tomodachi Life is coming to 3DS (and 2DS) on June 6.

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  • Can't cap Nintendo's imagination. We need those "what is this" games.
  • This is the best possible thing that Miis have been invented for.

  • This keeps getting better and better

  • I don't care what anybody says. I love Shaq. He's one of the few pop culture figures that manages to own his character. He's a parody of himself and prominent professional athletes, and he runs with it. I'd have a beer with Shaq.
  • It does worry me a bit that they already are repeating some things. I wonder how many original skits they have.
  • "Dramatization: All jerseys in game are #10."

    Glad that was cleared up.

  • "Dramatization. All jerseys in game are #10."

    I can't tell if that's another joke or not. How wonderfully absurd.

  • Every time I see a new video of this game it makes the wait for it suck that much more.

  • What the what?

    I'm feeling like this game is so insane I have to have it no matter how it scores.

  • Isn't this game, or something similar already out in Japan? Anyway, I don't get why so any people are so weirded out by this game. Personally, I can't wait to get it.

  • This game makes no logical sense. I have never been more excited about a game starring miis.

  • anyone else notice that it says that all jerseys are the number 10 only?

  • Nice little nod to Kazaam in that trailer.
  • I'm not surprised Shaq went all mac and cheese as cheesy as he is.

  • If I couldn't have any mac and cheese, I'd freak out, too.

  • I will buy a 3DS just for this game.

  • LMAO. This game looks so awesome.

  • Does anyone know the release date for this yet?
  • Keeps getting weird.