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Tomodachi Life

Nintendo's Supremely Silly Lifestyle Sim Coming To North America

This morning, Nintendo announced that it was bringing its bizarre game Tomodachi Life to North America. It's one of those games that's best seen in action, which is probably why the reveal came via a special Nintendo Direct. Get ready for singing Miis, love triangles squares, rap battles, and much more.

The video below breaks it all down nicely, but the basic premise of Tomodachi Life is simple: You give your Mii a customizable voice, tweak their personality, and let them loose on a crazy island. I can't say for certain that anything's possible, but judging from the sheer volume of insane activities on hand, there seems to be plenty to keep players busy.

Look for Tomodachi Island on the 3DS on June 6, at retail and as a download.

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  • What the *** was that? Is that a late april fools joke or something? Whats worst is that people in the comments are liking it? The *** is wrong with al of you. Some serious nintendo fanboys on this site when they release an absolutely retarded video like this and the fans still like it.Its not a wonder why they're going down.
  • looks cool

  • This may be the greatest game of all time.

  • This may be the greatest thing ever. I can finally date a giant headed Reggie.

  • I almost want this but other games have higher priority around then. Looks really entertaining though

  • dang it Mr. Iwata. XDD

    anyways, goodthing Nintendo made this game come to NA. My sister really want this game!

  • What does this have that Animal crossing doesn't? EDIT:Never mind, now I watched the trailer. I NEED IT!!!
  • I want that dude's DK tie!

  • This looks so Ben Hanson-y.

  • Wtf did I just watch haha? I think I just fell in love with this game :D

  • im gonna get it it looks funny i wonder what other things can be done in that game lol

  • Well, then.

  • I'm sold.