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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

Character Bios For Conception II Seven Heroines

Conception II isn't a normal RPG. After going through a “classmating” ritual with your female classmates, you will create Star Children, which can be used to battle monsters in the game's labyrinths. To find out which classmate will be your best mate, check out these character bios.

All seven of Conception II’s heroines have their own personality traits and quirks, which you will have to learn if you want to engage in a relationship with them. The better your relationship is with your female classmates the more powerful your Star Children will become. We're not making this stuff up. Here is a full list of character bios for each girl.

Chloe is the older sister of your new friend Chlotz, and only a year older than your character. Her abilities are so exceptional that she works as an instructor at the Academy. Chloe uses a Remote Turret to perforate her opponents.

Ellie is a first-year student who's very energetic and often cheers on those around her. Though she looks cute and young, she's very mature and perceptive. Ellie uses a magical staff called a Summoning Gun to dish out serious magic damage.

Feene is an earnest, polite third-year student. She is considered one of the strongest Disciples, and has already seen action on the front lines. Her formidable Gunblade has seen its fair share of battles as well.

Fuuko is the first female student that you'll meet. She is bright and amicable, and quick to make friends. She sees herself as a very down-to-earth kind of person. Fuuko uses her Dual Pistols in dungeons with deadly accuracy.

The vice representative of your class. She is shy and reserved, without much self-confidence, but has a good heart and is very kind to others. Her Bowgun speaks differently about her - it packs a huge punch to monsters.

Despite her diminutive size, she is actually a third-year Disciple with incredible power. She has a good heart, but often tries to keep her true feelings hidden. Her Kick Gun is an incredible hybrid of fashion-forward footwear and death-dealing.

As a result of being raised in a research facility, Torri is very naïve about the outside world and usually believes anything she's told. Torri materializes a powerful gatling gun to obliterate anything in her path.

Conception II is coming in Spring 2014, and it will be getting a first-run special edition. This version comes with a special box and 10-track audio CD. Both the 3DS and Vita versions will retail for $39.99.

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  • Well, okay then.

  • Gunblade? GUNBLADE?! Also, I'd be so down for this game if the heroines were dressed properly :/
  • Huh.... I guess I'll give it a shot just because it sounds so weird.

  • I'd like to see a proper preview of this. I don't know anything about how it plays, even though I suppose I could go read up about it on Siliconera or something. I really don't want to though; this is REALLY moe. It always bugs me when Japanese artists do that stuff now. They used to know the difference between what an adorable little girl looks like and a young woman. Now they just take the head of the cute little girl, plop it on top of a woman's body, and make the boobs as large as they can. But it's cool, because she's short and they say she's 18 or whatever - blergh. Anything to "justify" the messed up fanservice/lolicon stuff. Anytime I see art like this, my interest in whatever drops to zero. Thankfully not every Japanese studio does this. But it is pretty pervasive in games + anime these days. That makes me a little sad.
  • Clearly the girl with the Kick Gun is going to be the best match for any player. I mean, come on. It's a gun with the power of kicks. What's stronger than that?
  • NARIKA FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
  • Obvious Waifubait is overly obvious. They're not even trying.

  • Soooo, Gun feet.... count me in.

  • Listed under 3DS, but these are obviously screens from the Vita.
  • I will be getting this day 1, it's a unique idea, and my 3DS is going to get a lot of hours put into it, with Bravely Default and Conception 2.

  • I would be more interested in Conception 2 if I had a better idea of what the actual game was like. Having Star Children with various anime tropes is cool and all (helloooo Chloe), but is there more to this game than that?

  • I'm disappointed by the lack of tsundere. I'd certainly have to see more about the characters, but, right now, I'm probably looking at Kick Gun lady.
  • I'll be honest. If Atlus didn't slap their name on it as a publisher. I'd be wondering why in the heck are they making this game. Then, seeing that Atlus did slap their name to it. It changes my tune and stating "It is an Atlus game". They never play by the rules and typically go outside the norm. And being an Atlus fan. I love them for it. Hope they never change. Even if they have had a few stinkers (Within publishing side not their main titles) but they had their charm at least.
  • Character Bios For Conception II Seven Heroines (read: baby mommas)

  • Torri, I love the naïve.

  • Pre-ordered yesterday. I like that the set-up of the gameplay is also a tad different. Really hope this doesn't disappoint!

  • this game supports teen pregnancy Aw Yeah
  • This looks hilarious. A must buy for my 3DS

  • There's nothing they can say to me that will make this sound less creepy.

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