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Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

An Adorable Cast And A Menacing New Labyrinth

Persona Q is one of the four titles in Atlus’ fan-adored RPG series that was announced in November for Japanese release. The publisher has released a new trailer that shows off the characters from Persona 3 and Persona 4 in adorable chibi form.

The adventure will take the SEES team and the Investigation Squad into a new labyrinth. As the clock strikes midnight, the clock tower transforms into a shadow-infested fortress. 

A Japanese release is scheduled for this 3DS title on June 5, 2014. No announcement has yet been made about a North American release.

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  • YES! Please be coming to the states.

  • I'm pretty excited for this game! I'm glad you made article about this, Mike! I sent a news tip for it earlier.

  • 1:40 vince lol (Catherine)

    the game looks cool and dark (which i like in games)... kinda sucks this is only for the 3DS and not the vita :/ then again luckily i own a 3DS as well.

  • I just wish it wasn't chibi.

  • please atlus...

  • I especially love the Catherine reference in the trailer. I want to play his story in this, if that were the case.
  • That song had not one, but TWO HYPE PAUSES? Have I ever said how much I like persona? Also after I rewatched it, were the SEES guys in the velvet room elevator? Would that make them ALL wildcards?
  • I actually look forward to this.  if anything, this could be another great entry to the Persona series.  Also, great direction in terms of art style, going for the cute chibi style, but hopefully it'll still be a dark story like the rest of the persona games (from the looks of it, so far so good)

  • I suppose saying that it looks strange would be par for the course for a Persona game.

  • Mod

    The trailer looks beautiful! Totally getting a 3DS as soon as there is an announcement for localization date (As well as other Persona games)

    It's too bad I don't see Minako in any of the Q trailer for now. Since this game is non-canon, I'd expect to see her in the future.

  • Any Japanese Speakers in the House?

  • Loving the art direction.

  • Mod

    Yukari looks so adorable in that header picture. >.< I really hope the US gets this soon after the Japanese release.

  • After playing P3 im interested in seeing how a certain character is in this game. Maybe i missed something from not finishing FES?
  • This game looks amazing I'm really hoping Atlus brings this stateside

  • So... much... WANTING!!!

  • Oh my gosh. Chibi form or not...this game looks amazing. I really hope we get it. I'm recently about to finally beat Persona 3, and I've got Persona 4 ready to dive back in to.

  • this looks super cool i can't wait

  • If this hasn't been announced here I don't want to get excited about it. It will make me sad that I have no time frame to look forward to it in.

  • Alright, count me in. I'm psyched for this and Persona 5. Never played any of the previous games, so I figure I'll jump in with the new ones.

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