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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

An RPG About Making Magical Babies

Atlus USA is working on bringing an RPG called Conception II to North American shores. The title casts the player as the “God’s Gift.” By undergoing the “classmating” ritual with female classmates, the player will create Star Children, which are used to battle monsters in the game’s labyrinth.

Additionally, strengthening bonds with the female partners enhances their abilities in dungeons. The title sounds like a cross between Persona’s social links and Pokemon’s minion-based combat (if you actually made the pocket monsters yourself instead of capturing them).

Conception II is coming in Spring 2014, and it will be getting a first-run special edition. This version comes with a special box and 10-track audio CD. Both the 3DS and Vita versions will retail for $39.99.

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  • I would like to warn everyone against using your real-life children to fight star monsters.  This is a video game and not reality, and in reality, there are child labor laws and somehow this falls under them, and according to OSHA you need some sort of "training" to battle star monsters which they argue is something "a newborn cannot do" usually followed by the comment, "now take that ridiculous outfit off of him."

  • I can't tell if you purposefully picked a skeevy screen shot or if the context is just coloring it for me.

    If I could play as a chick I'd probably give this a shot, but there's just something about this dynamic that I'm not into as is. Maybe if you guys do a test chamber and we can see some gameplay? I'll try to keep an open mind as I love my 3DS and I'm always looking for new games.

  • Japan....sometimes you make me scratch my head and wonder why we buy your stuff. However that being said, I do support Atlus and what they do for the JRPG market here in the US. Without them we wouldn't have Persona, Nocturn or anything else from the SMT brand here in the US. So I think I can give Conception II a try when it comes out. Besides, its gonna be on 3DS. And the 3DS is one of my favorite gaming systems I've ever had and an ever expanding library of quality games is nothing short of fantastic.

  • Atlus certainly does get around...

  • I'm intrigued and disturbed at the same time.

  • This sounds completely whacked out. I now will have to try this.

  • Sounds so crazy, i love it lol. I'll buy it if it's any good.

  • This reminds me a little bit of Thousand Arms for the PSX.

  • Oh, I can't wait to see how this turns out. Underage pregnancy? Child abuse?! Child pit-fighting?!? *grabs popcorn*
  • As fun as that sounds the gameplay didn't exactly convince me.