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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

New Trailer Reveals Hyrule’s Antithesis, Lorule

The latest trailer for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds reveals the world that exists between Hyrule's walls, and introduces the villain.

It's not entirely clear if she is just one of A Link Between Worlds' many villains, or if she is the villain, but whoever she is, she is up to no good. She seems to be trapping important political Hyrulian figures in paintings, and forcing Link to run into walls.

The trailer also reveals Lorule, the world that exists opposite of Hyrule. Its name may be a product of a pun on the word Hyrule, but it looks like an imposing world.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is coming to 3DS and 2DS November 22.

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  • SO EXCITED! While I'll admit, I'm not the biggest fan of A Link to the Past (couldn't even get past the second dungeon! Just too difficult and just not as good as some other ones in my eyes. However I digress. Different argument for a different time), but I REALLY want this game. It story seems AMAZING and so does the gameplay!

  • Damn, this looks good. One thing I've always liked/admired about this series is that they all seem slightly connected and yet not connected. It is a very weird lore in deed.

  • Wooooooooooow Nintendo. The game looks great, don't get me wrong, but wow. Lorule!? That's the most unoriginal and thoughtless, joke-like name you could have used; it sounds like a bad pun. Seriously, I get it's a parallel world and all, and the concept is sound, but give your demographic and target audience some credit. Us veterans don't need to be spoon fed with a name like that, and the younger new gamers to the series are smarter than you might think... Just saying. But the game looks great. Seriously though, Lorule...
  • Mod

    Oh,man! I am SUPER excited for this! I can't wait!!!

  • Like 3D World, I've finally come around to saying that I am PUMPED for this game. I expect greatness from just about any game that carries a Zelda title, but I love how nostalgic and creative this looks. Even the neato 2D wall painting Link looks like a lot of fun. Especially excited to see how these boss battles pan out, Link to the Past had some of the best. My 3DS won't receive a time out anytime soon.

  • makes me want to go play the SNES game all over......

  • lol lorule I see what they did there

  • Even if we assumed the Master Sword was in the game, I don't really like how they spoiled that moment here. Also the Lorule thing is pretty bizarre having just played The Wonderful 101 last month where there was stages called highrule and lowrule.

  • where was the new villain. It looks like Aghanim to me, instead of putting "princesses" in shards of glass he is putting them in frames.

  • I'm pretty darn happy this is releasing soon!

  • sooooo ganondina golfina?

  • I just came

  • really wish nintendo would put more effort into the wii u. Im really regretting buying it. should have bought a 3ds instead.

  • I love that they found a way to implement some new puzzles with the flattening effect. cannot wait

  • Why did they change my favorite game of all time? A brand new one would have been better. They took the easy road.

  • sweeet