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Alternate Mega Evolution Revealed For Charizard In New Pokémon X & Y Trailer

Much like his pal Mewtwo, it turns out Charizard will have different Mega Evolutions depending on which version of Pokémon X & Y you are playing.

The previously revealed Charizard Mega Evolution is the Y version, while the new black and blue Charizard (see above) is the Mega Evolved Charizard you will find in X. Game Freak and Nintendo made no mention in regard to whether or not the other starters, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur, will have separate X and Y Mega Evolutions.

Pokémon X & Y are coming to Nintendo 3DS on October 12. You can check out the trailer showcasing Mega Charizard X below, as well as more images of the Mega Evolved Charizards in the image gallery.

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  • Another Charizard Mega-Evolution? Cool!

  • Guess Im getting both now, dam this really makes Charizard go up to a whole new level! love what there doing with these games.

  • eXtremely eXcellent, i'm so eXcited ill eXplode! X ftw!

  • The Blue Charizard is badass.

  • Finally, something I actually want from X. I'm still getting Y, but now I have some incentive to trade.

    Edit: BTW, does anyone know if the mega evolution version depends on which game the pokemon came from? or does it depend on which game you're playing?
  • In my opinion i think charizard Y should of been the fire/dragon and X the fire/flying
  • In my opinion I think charizard Y should of been the fire/dragon and X the fire/flying

  • Ha, the joke is finally over. Charizard can evolve into a Fire/Dragon type. Good on you, Gamefreak! Makes me want to get Pokemon X, but I'm going to stick with Pokemon Y. Yveltal is so awesome.

  • This is so far the only pokemon game that I hate!

    I can't figure out which version to get, it's so frustrating!

    I hope they release a mega evolution that is better than this one, but I'm doubting it Fire/Dragon is amazing!  

  • I was leaning on X to begin with in the first place. This one won't affect my decision though...I want to see the X Venusaur.
  • fire/dragon type -- well, dreams do come true...until the fairy type announced
  • This, along with the Mewtwo mega evolutions, has solidified that Pokemon X will massively outsell Pokemon Y.
  • this is making me rethink getting X

  • Well dang is Pokemon X is getting all the good Megas or what?

  • sweeeeeeet

  • Dang it, not I'm wishing I was getting X instead of Y, it's mega evolutions' are cooler.

  • Dang it, now I'm wishing I was getting X instead of Y, it's mega evolutions' are cooler.

  • Ew... What a over designed and tasteless concept. I was actually starting to warm up to the idea of mega evolutions, but this just reminded me of how much I disliked the idea in the first place. God only knows what other monstrosities Gamefreak will throw up.

  • That's an awesome design, but I'm going to be sticking with Y for Yveltal and the other version-exclusive Pokemon. Here's hoping the other original starters get new evolutions, too!

  • I need X. This Char is an awesome Char. Wonder why two different megas though.