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New Pokémon X & Y Trailer Reveals Trainer Customization, New Mewtwo Mega Evolution

The latest trailer for Pokémon X & Y reveals the ability to customize your trainer and certain types of Pokémon, the evolved forms of the new starters, and a new Mega Evolution for Mewtwo.

It turns out Mewtwo's Mega Evolution will differ depending on what version of Pokémon you decide to purchase. As you can see in the image above, Mewtwo will have different Mega Evolved forms in X & Y.

The trailer also reveals that your trainer can adopt different looks, as well as certain Pokémon like Furfrou.

The new starter Pokémon, Froakie, Chespin, and Fennekin's evolved forms also shown. The three turn into Frogadier, Quilladin, and  Braixen respectively, which you will see in the trailer. Be sure to keep an out for Mega Garchomp and the new Pokémon, Meowstic, in the trailer as well.

Fore more on Pokémon X & Y, head here to read about our recent hands-on, and here for details on the return of the original starters.

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  • Now this is the REAL Mega Mewtwo. He looks like a badass. He's supposed to be Psychic and Fighting, too. Not sure how I feel about Mewtwo punching dudes in the face, but I like how they made the X form "masculine" and the Y form "feminine", to reinforce the genetics theme.

    Now all I need to know is which pokes are exclusive to which version. X gets +1 for Mantwo, but Y's Yveltal gets +2 for me. Decisions, decisions...
  • Mega Mewtwo X looks way better than Y.
  • Why didn't I choose X? WHY?! Mega Mewtwo X is one of the few Pokemon that looks better as a 3D model than 2D artwork. Also... OH GOD!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO FENNEKIN??!!?! Mega Garchomp is pretty epic, by the way.
  • I was wondering how far the customization of the character would go, when looking at a screenshot of friends on the bottom screen. I actually like everything I saw in the trailer.

    However, I don't like how Mewtwo has a different Mega Evolution in the different versions. I'm getting X but I much prefer the look of the Y version, and I seem to be the only one. XD
  • Also, not diggin' the middle evos of the starters. Still leaning toward Fennekin, but Froakie looks the coolest so far. I dunno what happened to Chespin, though.

    What do you guys think? Still stickin' with your first choice, or are we having second thoughts?
  • I think I'm the only one who likes Mega Mewtwo Y over X.
  • The amount of customization for your trainer is amazing! I really wasn't expecting it to go much deeper than skin/hair, but wow, I really wasn't looking forward to actually doing much with it, but I'm glad they're going as far as they are with it.

  • Mod
    These starters just keep getting uglier and uglier.

    As for my happy thoughts: MewTwo. Lookin' good, buddy. Lookin' good. A lot of great new features, too. Expect this to be the most purchased handheld game of all time.

  • Frogadier looks awesome! And Quiladin lost some of it's charm, I can't decide which starter to get yet! Also, the Mewtwo forms finally gave me a reason to want Y, but I don't plan on using legendaries anyways.

  • if you hate the evolved starters, fear not! you still have the kanto-starters and...a torchic w/mega stone

  • This is upsetting. I really want Y because I seriously prefer Yveltal to Xerneas. But Mega Mewtwo X is SO MUCH BETTER. Also, Frogadier is definitely the best 2nd evol. We'll have to wait and see final for me to really decide though.
  • Okay I love grass Pokemon to death, but I don't want Teddy from Persona to be my Pokemon. I really hope they improve the final form.  My judgement about the fire starter is the same, I will never think twice about not starting with it.  I'm generally not a fan of water types (for some reason as I love water as the element in pretty much everything else) but it is the only one that looks even slightly promising at this point.  I am still indecisive about which one to get.  I wanted X because it was the unpopular one, but I liked all the exclusive Pokemon shown in Y better. Then this happened so I think I will stick with X regardless.

  • So far I don't flat out hate any pokemon that they've revealed which honestly surprises me a bit. I'm really looking forward to this gen

  • I am totally getting Pokemon X on day one!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Can I opt out of getting one of the new starters in favor of a second Gen.I starter. Seriously the only one that looks decent is Frogadier.
  • That... is a badass-looking Mewtwo.

  • I like the Y exclusive Mewtwo better, but the hipster in me always sides with the less popular legendary.

    About the 2nd starter evolutions...I'm getting a strength, magic, stealth vibe.

  • I'm really kind of excited about the new Pokemon game.  The series has been in a creative rut, and it seems like they're finally getting their stuff together.  Can't wait to get my hands on the game.

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