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Monster Hunter 4

Mario, Luigi, And The Legend Of Zelda Costumes Revealed For Monster Hunter 4

Nintendo held a Japanese Nintendo Direct conference for Monster Hunter 4 this morning where it revealed that fans would be able get Mario, Luigi, and Link costumes and armor for themselves and their Felyne comrades.

Monster Hunter 4 has not yet been confirmed for North America, but it is releasing on September 14 exclusively on 3DS in Japan. Historically there has been a significant gap between Monster Hunter's release in Japan and North America, so hopefully we will hear more about a western release soon.

According to a translation from Siliconera, the Mario and Luigi Felyne costumes will be through Japanese 7-11 stores. The Link armor, shield, and weaponry pack will be available as DLC.

For more on Monster Hunter 4, you can head here to see the game's most recent trailer. You can check out the full Nintendo Direct presentation for Monster Hunter 4 below.

[Via: Siliconera 1, 2]

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  • Cool. Still wish any MH game was coming to consoles other than Nintendo....Capcom.
  • They are putting Mario and Luigi costumes in everything now.
  • Monster Hunter could have had great textures, bigger maps, better more reactive monters, and a lot more space to do whatever they wanted and not be limited by the 3DS had they made the game for the PSVITA, but its easier and cheaper to make a game on a less powerful console than a strong one, and people who say that it makes sense to make the game on a better selling system; Monster hunter 4 was in development when every other site was talking about the horrible sales of the 3DS, lack of games, and its high price.
  • Never played on Monster Hunter game before, but if there are mariomals in it, its a day one pick up.

  • DLC? *** that. I'm loving the costumes though.

  • Those Mario and Luigi costumes are disturbing.....

  • I tried a MH demo once, but I couldn't stand the controls. Maybe I'll give the franchise another go someday, but I'm not planning for it.

  • Capcom selling out, as much as I love MH I would only play it on a Vita if ever happened, I might get a 3ds but not to play this game.
  • Kind of disappointing that this was the "collaboration" they were talking about... Anyways, this game is great graphically for the 3DS
  • couldn't care less for mario and zelda game costumes... but i guess nintendo fanboys find this appealing

  • The Direct reveals a little bit more than just the costumes, you know...

    The trailers for this game look amazing...I wish I had more patience for the controls and the grinding... it's a good franchise, but I never feel like I've mastered the game, no matter how many hours I put into it.
  • Mario, Luigi and Link**********

  • Umm, what. What is this. I don't even-

  • This is pretty cool, though I do kind of wish that they Nintendo and Capcom collaborated on bringing something else to the game. Either way, I really hope that this game ends up being localized because I really want to buy this after playing MH3U on my Wii U.

  • I'm on the fence about this series. It looks interesting, but I don't know how well it will play on my 3DS with or without a CPP. Also, is it necessary to team up with others to take down monsters, or is the game soloable with the right equipment/skill? Not a big fan of forced coop here.
  • What if Mario and Luigi were zombies in a Resident Evil release for Wii U.   Hell could even it make it a zombie level in the Peach Kingdom.  Nintendo would likely never go for it, but it'd be an awesome crossover if done well.

  • give me mh4 I want my cats back. cool armor suits though ;)

  • Any chance on seeing this on a non-Nintendo console? I'm getting a 3DS for the new Pokemon games, but I don't plan on suffering through terrible handheld controls to play this game. Bought it on PsP and the awkward controls could've been made a lot better with a second analog. A release on any other console would be nice. The 3DS is cool and all, but that one analog really grinds my gears...Besides, think of what they could do with stronger hardware/better online services.

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