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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies

Capcom Reveals Phoenix Wright's eShop Price And New Screens

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies is not coming to retail, which has made us curious how much the game is going to cost. Capcom has revealed the game's price, and also offered a number of new screens.

The game will be $29.99 when it becomes available on the 3DS eShop, which is a little less than the average full retail 3DS release. Capcom has not unveiled an exact release date for the game, other than the ambiguous fall 2013 timeframe. Along with the reveal of the price on Capcom's blog, Capcom also offered up a handful of screenshots from the game, which you can see in the gallery below. In the screens you will get a good look at bad guy Simon Blackquill and his falcon pal Taka, and some kind of panda in a box.

For more on Dual Destinies, you can check out more of our preview coverage here.

[Source: Capcom blog]

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  • But I like smelling brand new games after I open them. What am I suppose to do now huh?

  • CAN'T WAIIIIIT AGHHHH! Jeez, I noticed that most of the games I am excited for are for the 3ds. Ohh and Kyle, I wouldn't call a 25% discount as little less than the full price. Good thing I got the 30 bucks for buying SMT4, now I know what I'll be spending them on.
  • Hmmmmmmm if only I had a 3DS.

  • Well, I guess this will only make it easier and cheaper to get the game.

  • The only thing I want capcom to reveal is a dragon's dogma sequel, or a monster hunter for playstation. And as I see it either one of those is at least a couple years off. I'll wait, it will be worth the wait.
  • I've never played a Phoenix Wright game ever so I guess it would be a great start to playing the series when this comes out.
  • Day one buy for me. I'm a bit bummed that I wont have a physical copy, but I'm sure i'll get over it as soon as I boot up the game.

  • Is it really rated M? That seems like a strange move for the series.
  • Those screen shots have really funny dialogue.

  • Haha, that's a good screenshot of Apollo there...

  • Yes! I am so going to buy this! I'm still sad that we won't be getting a physical version, but i'm glad that we are at least getting the game.

  • I'm going to be a real nerd here, but if the bird's name is Taka, then it's probably a hawk of some sort, not a falcon, as taka is the Japanese word for hawk.

  • This has to be the highest priced Digital only game to date.

  • I'm disappointed that it won't have a retail release here, but I can't pass up a new Ace Attorney.

  • Nice. Very nice.

  • I still want a physical copy though..... wish capcom would just release a few physical copies the game.... oh well there goes a good game.

  • I'm very upset that this won't get a physical release. I got no problems with digital games on literally any other platform. But there's not exactly a hard drive on the 3DS, and who wants to juggle multiple SD cards for these full game releases? The ONE SD card I have is fine, so long as I clean it up and remove games & content when I'm done with 'em. I'd need to buy a new one just for Phoenix Wright? Eff that, Capcom. Eff all the full games on the eShop; this hardware was not designed to hold such large files - it would have more onboard memory if it WAS. Seriously, wtf? If Prof. Layton and Zero Escape get physical releases, there's absolutely no reason why Phoenix Wright should skip out - especially when it's a well established brand already here in the West. Not cool. Everyone's gonna lose in this deal. Gamers like me who want to play this, but won't. And the idiots at Capcom who thought they'd save money by not printing 3DS cards. The lesson they should take away from this is, "Phyically release a full retail game". The lesson they WILL take away from this? "Oh. Gamers in the West don't care about Ace Attorney. We better never release another one here." Ugh.
  • Yeah, it seems that Capcom is doing this with some of its digital releases, when Project X Zone released, it was $35 digital and $40 for physical. Also, I'm glad that it's in a good price range. I don't like putting credit card info on consoles or handhelds, so I tend to get the prepaid cards in order to get digital games. The awkward thing with this is that Nintendo makes prepaid cards in $20, $35, $50, and $75. This would mean that in order to get a $40 digital game, you would have to get a $50 eshop card, and the games on the Eshop do include tax. With the game costing $30, people will only need to get the $35 card (Well, at least for me. In my state, there is a 6% sales tax, which would be about an extra $2.)
  • I'm still going to be buying this, even though I would much rather prefer buying a physical copy. The only thing protesting will do is make Capcom think "Nobody is buying this game, so we are not going to waste our money making anymore." Big corporations will pay attention to money way more then with complaints, so if you want boxed copies of this series, you are going to have to show Capcom that you really want this series to continue by voting with your wallet.

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