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Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!

Collector's Edition And Other Perks Revealed For 3DS And Wii U Versions

If you plan to play Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! on the 3DS or Wii U, there are some extra advantages.

The 3DS will be the only console bestowed with a collector's edition.

In addition to the copy of the game, the collector's edition includes:

- A steelbook featuring Beemo
- Bonus DVD packed with behind the scenes content
- Finn and Jake's Dungeon Guide' which has game tips and character art

Both the Wii U and the 3DS version also include extra content sure to please Beemo fans further.

The Wii U version will include Beemo on the gamepad to offer players tips and game commentary. In a similar fashion, the 3DS version will also have a helpful Beemo icon on the touch screen.

If you want more details on the next Adventure Time game, check out the screenshots below or check out the previously posted trailer.

  • Well well well, looks like the cats on the other shoe this time around. I'd like to see Mike Futter sh*t on Nintendo now. Where's your god now, Mike? Where's your God now!?
  • I'm getting this for 3DS!!! I luv Adventure Time! They are soo funny!

  • Not gonna lie, this game looks pretty hype.

  • I guess I'll be poking Beemo. That sounded weird...

  • Didn't Pendleton Ward mention he wanted to make a game like Skyrim but in the land of Ooo? That would be sweet!

  • Well, I guess I'm getting the 3DS version.

  • Wii U version, my game of the year.

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  • what time is it?
  • Oh no. I might get that special edition just to have it. The previous game's special edition skyrocketed in price as if it was actually attached to a rocket.

    A sky-rocket.

  • Hah! Take that, Microsoft and Sony! Nintendo has the favor of Pendleton Ward on their side! No Beemo for you!
  • Man I wish my sugar mama would buy me a 3DS. This looks like it'd be fun to play on those long treks to visit family.
  • Given there's no online multi...I will definitely get this for my Wii U

  • Always good to have some extra B-Mo.

  • i want to see it!

  • These adventure time games have awful names.

  • That is...intriguing.

  • I would trade all this stuff for an online mode. Wayforward - you guys got some serious balls releasing a dungeon crawler/hack n' slasher with nothing but local multiplayer in 2013. That's just pretty dumb, I dunno.

    I guess the kids who like Adventure Time won't care, 'cuz they should still be able to play with their brothers & sisters or, if they're lucky, friends after school or something. But AT has a lot of older fans too - like Spongebob and Gravity Falls and stuff - and there's just not a lot of options for the after college set if there is no online component. An absolute shame this doesn't have online multiplayer.

    Since Wayforward is doing another Adventure Time, and also Regular Show, games this year, I hope they get around to doing Bravest Warriors and Bee & Puppycat next year. If you like Adventure Time, but haven't checked out those on Cartoon Hangover's Youtube page (especially Bravest Warriors, as it is also created by Pendleton Ward), you're missing out on some really special, really awesome cartoons. Better than Adventure Time. There, I said it.
  • I got to somehow decide between the Collectors edition or the Wii U version. The thought of Beemo talking to me on my game pad is awesome XD

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