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New Pokémon X And Y Trailer Reveals Three New Mega Evolutions

With the reveal of the Mega Evolution, we were treated to the new forms of Mewtwo, Lucario, and Blaziken. The newest trailer for Pokémon X and Y reveals the Mega Evolutions for Ampharos, Absol, and Mawile.

The trailer premiered during the closing of the 2013 Pokémon World Championships. For more on the new Mega Evolutions, as well as new Super Training, and the latest Gym Leader, head here.

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  • Damn, this game looks really good and they've done a great job of adding a lot of new elements to it too. I might have to get into it again.

  • Sweet poke berries! I could barely keep up with their normal transformations... now they have mega forms?! ...*Faints*

  • I honestly cannot wait for this game! I'm more stoked for this than i am stoked to get my PS4, for real.

  • Will a Magikarp Mega-Evolution give it long flowing golden Super Saiyan hair and finally make it useful?

  • What is everyone's obsession with Blaziken? He was hands down the worst starter of that gen. In fact, he is still the worst starter aside from Emboar.
  • This looks awesome, hands down.

  • wow

  • those mega evolutions look awesome

  • Mega Evolution = Final Form

    Awesome! ^^

  • this is the only reason why I'll buy a 3ds

  • this is the only reason why I'll buy a 3ds

  • Mega Mawile is rediculous! Really? A second mouth? These three are okay, but Mega Kangaskhan is awesome because it changes the idea of what a Mega Evolution is. Gaining the ability to attack twice in one turn is an interesting twist on what everyone thought was just a way to send a Pokemon's stats through the roof.

  • I love Pokemon, and I'm not trying to downplay it but... mega? That's the name for every evolved form? Mega Mewtwo, Mega Lucario? *Sigh* I'm disappointed they didn't just give them actual names. I get that they're not permanent forms and I get that the single shared term binds the concept, but it just sounds lazy and a bit drab Imo. Otherwise, I'm Stoked for another Pokemon entry.

  • Getting that Torchi with a mega stone takes away the nee to pick a fire type starter.

  • These were announced with the first three. I hate to be that guy, but they were announced days ago.

    Also, MegaAmpharos is Amfabulous.