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New Pokémon X And Y Trailer Showcases The Mega Evolution And Introduces A New Gym Leader

The latest trailer for Pokémon X And Y shows off Mega Evolutions, as well as introduce a new Gym Leader, Korrina.

Pokémon X And Y are coming October 12, and if you pick up the game at launch, you will be able to download a special Torchic holding a Blazikenite Mega Stone which is necessary for its Mega Evolution.

Check out the latest trailer below, as well as our recent discussion on Pokémon X and Y features. For more on Pokémon X and Y's newly revealed features and a batch of new screens and art, head here.

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  • Sooooo hyped!!!! Can't wait to see a list of all elgible Pokemon for Mega Evolution! Here is to hoping some of my all time favorites like Houndoom, Zoroark, and Hydreigon (not like it needs more power though) are included! Any idea if the Mega stone has unlimited uses or if evolving like this takes some sort of complicated method to trigger?
  • I swear to Arceus, if there isn't a Mega Vileplume, I am going down to GI headquarters, and kicking all of your asses.
  • MegaEvolution? Sound like Final form or the Ultimate form. That will be very interesting.
  • I'm always hungry for news on X and Y. This will fill me up. For now. Can't wait to see what other Mega Evolutions will be revealed.

  • Dammit. Now I want this...but I don't have a 3DS. :[

  • Torchic was the starter that I chose for Ruby.  Those mega evolutions look wicked.

  • Looking forward to seeing what other pokemon get mega evolutions. Also, this whole "event pokemon" thing is about as bad as dlc. It's not fair that those who won't have the game when it comes out should miss out on something unique.
  • Well, I have a feeling I probably won't be using mega evolution very much, but that doesn't mean that I think it's a bad addition to the series. Especially since one of the things I wanted to see in gaming before I died was an evolution for Absol, so I really hope that all of these new mechanics work well with the game.

    Now I'm just debating on whether or not to get a game at launch that I don't even have the system for yet.

  • This game just keeps getting better and better!  Can't wait!