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Monster Hunter 4

Japanese Release Trailer Shows Off New Monsters To Face

Capcom has released a new trailer for Monster Hunter 4 that reveals new monsters, characters, and backdrops to discover.

Unfortunately for us, the upcoming 3DS title has only had a release date confirmed for Japan. The good news is, the confirmation comes after a setback last year when developers revealed the entry would need more time.

Monster Hunter fans can watch the colorful trailer below with envy.

Monster Hunter 4 is coming out September 14, 2013, for fans in the land of the rising sun. Does the preview have you hoping it will come to western shores? Let us know in the comments.

  • I want this so bad, it looks awesome!

  • Well I would hope the localization of MH3G (MH3U here) would help increase the chances of this making it to the West.  Although there's much less hope for Frontier G recently announced for PS3 and Wii U to come over.

  • well i think it would be better if it were on a console and not a handheld. but it looks fun either way.

  • Come to the US please. I will even buy a 3DS for this game.
  • WHAT? No wiiU. See even Nintendo isn't making games for the wiiU. The WiiU deserves more justice.
  • HOLY FRIGGIN CRAP....pleeeaassseee bring this to the States 0_o new Monsters and Zones/dynamic stages look too amazing. Don't skimp us, Capcom =[ we need it!
  • I think we have a good chance of getting this, seeing how MH3U is doing pretty well overseas. I'm hoping we get this next year or early 2015. This looks too good to miss!

  • Flipping region locks man...

    Come to the US.

    We love you.
  • I'm nearly positive this is gonna hit Western shores. The 3DS just keeps getting better and better.
  • Lol, that one monster was all like, "ROAR!" Other then that, those graphics look amazing for a 3DS.

  • I like the new monster and gameplay mechanics :) the graphics look horrible comparing with psp ones :S still don´t know why they left the psp but anyway, looking forward for monster hunter online for pc :)
  • Yet another reason I question Capcom wanting to waste so much time developing for mobile, when they are pulling more out of the 3DS hardware than anyone else.  

    That looked incredible.  They've got to be bringing this over here.  There is no reason not to.

  • I want this NAOOO!!!!
  • I knew games on the 3DS could look good, but..... wow.

  • MH3U is my first MH game. 80+ hours in and i feel like im just getting started. This MUST COME TO AMERICA. PLEASE CAPCOM!!!
  • It looks like the best Monster Hunter since portable 3rd. The last two nintendo entrees have been sub par though. But this.... I would cry if I never got my hands on this.

  • 3DS is really shaping up to be a remarkable system to own!

  • Well I passed on MH3U so I'm hoping this get a US release, or I'll just have to pick up MH3U.
  • I'll learn to read Japanese for this.

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