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Pokémon X

Characters And Hometown Revealed With Gameplay Trailer And Screens

E3 2013 was gaming news overload as always, but the announcements aren't over even after the expo is finished. New information has been released on Pokémon X And Y and it's just enough to satisfy the itch until fall.

The new region of Kalos has all new places to explore, including the main characters homebase of Vaniville Town. Santalune City holds the first gym and is featured in the trailer. Alexis, a young journalist, is the sister of the city's gym leader. After working your way through the web-like interior of the gym, you must take on the leader, Viola, to earn your first badge.

Several characters were announced for Game Freak's next installment as well as a few new pokémon.

Scatterbug, a bug-type pokémon, evolves in to Spewpa which evolves into bug and flying type Vivillon.

Flabébé, one of the new fairy-type pokémon, holds different types of flowers depending upon which type is found in the wild. So that offers variety among the wild Flabébé in appearance.

The adorable Litleo is a combination fire and normal type pokémon.


Tierno, Trevor, and Shauna (shown above, left to right) are three of the friends you start your adventure with, as well as one additional character. The fourth character is Serena or Calem, whichever is the opposite sex of your chosen trainer.

The friends are even featured in the new trailer.

What do you think of the new character designs? Do any of the pokémon look strangely familiar? Share your thoughts in the comments.

For those who want to be the very best, Pokémon X and Y are both out October 12. 

  • they are the cutest and the best pokemon ever
  • they are the cutest and the best pokemon ever
  • I can't wait for this!!!

  • Boots, shorts, medium length hair. The photographer is the female version of the Pokemon Snap dude!! :P

  • Hmmm... I kinda lost interest in White 2 and still haven't actually completed it, but I'm hopeful for this; I absolutely loved the GBA games.
  • Mod

    That girls shorts are way too short. I refuse to play this game.

    (Just kidding, game looks awesome)

  • this looks awesome. but what they really need to do is: Pokemon X & Y graphics + Pokemon Red & Blue = NERDGASM
  • I don't know what to think about this game yet.
  • im getting some chills. damn it! I can't wait for this game!

  • I really want a remake of Gen 3 for the 3DS.

  • This along with Ace Attorney are my most anticipated games of this year.

  • So, it seems that Pokemon hasn't learned yet that people don't women that have Princess Leia hair with swords to the side. It's just so ridiculous!
  • Man this makes me want to play pokemon again, maybe I'll go out and buy a 3DS.

  • that fat guy has a creepy t shirt i mean look at vanilite's eyes.

  • blahhh 3ds become worth the price
  • fans hate to hear it, but the pokemon just get less and less imaginative with every new release.
  • (Looks at the Flabébé picture and proceeds to put his face in his hands) So this is what's going to kill dragons in Pokémon now? my faith is waning,and it was already in a bad spot because of the Black and White season of the anime (don't watch it not worth it), at Least Litleo looks cool and I guess his evolution will look badass.
  • SO excited for this game!!!

  • WHOSE IDEA WAS IT FOR ANOTHER BUG/FLYING AND A NORMAL/FIRE? We don't need another bug/flying, and normal/fire does nothing but add MORE weaknesses to a type that a glass cannon as it is.
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