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Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Watch The Heroes Take On Loki And Sandman In This New Trailer

Lego fans were already teased with screenshots of Marvel heroes taking on Loki and and Sandman, but now here it is in action in the latest trailer from E3 for Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

The trailer also has more than a few one-liners that younger fans might enjoy.

You can take on evil-doers yourself September 30 on the 3DS, Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation Vita and Playstation 3. 

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  • Yay!

  • Ive been excited for this since your cover story, glad to see its still coming.

  • I wonder when they'll run out of licenses.
  • Man, I love it when Tt Games get to write their own story.
  • Every time I see Lego Spidey I feel all warm and good inside.
  • This actually looks pretty cool...

  • I am SO excited for this!!!

  • looks like it will be a lot of fun

  • I like your helm Loki. Oh, what's that? couldn't hear me over the sound of Hulk smashing you into the ground repeatedly? :p

  • I like helmets with horns too! Oh, and Lego Deadpool!

  • Looks great! One my wife will play with me. :-)

  • Aw yeah! Bring it! Show me the L.E.G.O.S!!!

  • Looks amazing lol!

  • This looks awesome. Haven't played a Lego game in a while.  I enjoy them, but the repetitiveness of the gameplay didn't really keep my interest for long.  This one just looks like so much fun that I can't pass it up!