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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Television Commercial Shows The Power Of The Point

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you're the mayor, which means your magical pointing finger will decide how everybody lives their lives. You will make the important decisions, like whether to display an Easter Island statue in your town, or some kind of weird round metal ball.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is coming to 3DS on June 9. For more on the game, you can meet the localization team, and learn about the game's calendar and events.

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  • The commercial makes this game look kind of weird, but I CANNOT wait for this game! We just have 2 more weeks left until it releases! I'm probably going to die of anticipation before then! I WANT THIS GAME SO BADLY!
  • I'm so ready for this game that my body hurts. XD

  • What's with the boy's hair? Were they going for the Fred Savage look?

    BTW, does anybody know the name of that song? It sounded familiar (and awesome).

  • This is the first 3DS I am truly excited about. I absolutely love Animal Crossing, and I can't wait to see how New Leaf turns out. ^.^

  • I just wish that the special New Leaf 3DS XL didn't look like ladies underwear.
  • Mod

    Well, this looks better than the new Sim City already.

  • Sort of an odd commercial. Definitely aimed at the younger crowd.

  • The game looks as charming as ever.

  • I can't wait to get this game. The only hard thing for me is keeping up with all the animal crossing games. I love them :)

  • The interior decorator in me is ready to to be set loose on June 9th.  

  • I want to live in a green dojo... but in Animal Crossing I'll settle for a tent.

  • I genuinely don't get the appeal to Animal Crossing. It's cuter than the Sims or HOME, so I get that you can enjoy the customization stuff. But it's a much, much, MUCH more boring version of Harvest Moon beyond that (let alone the excellent Rune Factory games). There's so little to do that is interesting beyond the customizing aspect... Oh well, whatever. I'm not gonna hate; I'm just baffled. Enjoy your New Leaf game, AC-fans. But I strongly urge you to check out Natsume's Harvest Moon & Rune Factory games sometime. And, if Level 5 ever gets off their butts and stops localizing weird eShop games long enough to do it, Fantasy Life. Again, it's got the cute art & customization of Animal Crossing, coupled with ACTUAL THINGS TO DO.
  • New Leaf is looking like one of my handhelds of the year. Already envisioning the utopia I'll create. Being mayor is looking sweet.

  • If I can point to dig a hole, point again to fill it with leaves, and then watch someone fall into it - sold.
  • Aha, let's point it out, eh?

  • I can't wait for this game!

  • Hmmm... I've never been too big on this series, but if you can mold an entire community, that might actually be pretty fun.

    Also, some sweet Street Pass usage would be nice.

  • See. Nintendo needs more TV ads like these. If they had done this more with the Wii U then we might've seen it get a much better start.

  • I really think Nintendo is going to catch their stride and sneak up on MS and Sony and steal the show with their games

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