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Shin Megami Tensei IV

Atlus Teases Shin Megami Tensei IV With New U.S. Trailer

Atlus recently confirmed a U.S. release date for the highly anticipated 3DS RPG; now it's giving us another tantalizing look at the game.

The news that the game was going to be released in American on July 16 came in a recent Nintendo Direct video - as well as news that the game will feature some very cool bonus content for U.S. gamers.

For more on the game, you can also watch this previously posted Japanese trailer for Shin Megami Tensei IV.

  • Nintendos Wii U update is ready for download now
  • this game is gonna be SO BADA5$!!

  • What's this on? DC?
  • Oh i'm going to make love to this game like a made love to every other shin megami tensei game

  • Oh my.

  • Looks cool...the next 3 months have such a drought of games I want, so maybe I'll pick this up...
    Except that hair...oh God that's so....eh...
  • This is it. I'm jumping into this series with this entry, finally. Atlus' Shin Megaten has to be one of the most complicated series in gaming history, what with all the side games and off-shoots. Shin Megaten is the "real" one, right? Then there's Devil Summoner, Soul Hackers, Digital Devil Saga, Persona, Devil Survivor, DemiKids, Jack Bros. and Soulless Army (thank you, Hardcore Gaming 101).

    For awhile there, I was considering jumping in with Persona 3 or 4, but they came so late in the PS2 lifecycle I skipped 'em and I don't have a PS Vita so I don't care about P4: the Golden. I've been waiting for a good entry point for a looong time now; with Shin Megaten IV, I'm gonna do it! FINALLY!

    Although, I guess Persona 3 FES Edition is on the PSN as an HD PS2 Classic? I guess I should pick that up, actually...
  • I've only played the Persona games, so I'm not sure what to expect for a main SMT game. What are they like? I've heard they're difficult.
  • Looks great thus far, $50 seemed steep, but all those added goodies makes it tempting.

  • All right, Im sold... Im getting a 3ds, fire emblem, this and devil survivor.
  • Great trailer! Very excited for this game.

  • I've already pre-ordered! Can't wait.

    I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for dual voice tracks, even if it is unlikely. Kamiya Hiroshi, Sawashiro Miyuki, and Nakai Kazuya are part of the voice cast. I would have imported the Japanese version, but I can't spring for a Japanese 3DS at the moment.
  • Atlus is just hooking the 3DS up with some fantastic Shin Megami Tensei games and as with any megaten fan I'm totally looking forward to this game.

  • Wow, overly melodramatic. Now the Devil Summoner series always gets me confused, is this part of the same line as was re released on Vita?
  • I would've preferred more gameplay, but story is good too. I'll make sure I pick this up. First SMT game

  • I must get this!

  • Mod

    I'm not sure if I can get into this Megami series. I might try this game out...

  • already pre-ordered! can't wait for this!

  • That is an absolutely terrible tease for the gameplay. Check out all the different corridors you can run down!

  • I might have to buy that when it comes out!

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