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Project X Zone

Project X Zone Global Gamers Day Trailer

Move over Smash Bros., Namco-Bandai's upcoming Strategy-RPG, Project X Zone, is a crossover of epic proportions. The game combines characters from Namco's Tekken universe, Sega's Valkyria Chronicles series, Capcom's Street Fighter franchise, and more.

This upcoming 3DS title includes more than 50 characters from 29 franchises. Players use pairs of characters to navigate the world, enlisting the help of another character for battle assists. Namco says the game includes solo and support attacks, cross hits, and finishing moves. In the story, a time rift opens up, which offers a somewhat tenuous explanation as to why characters from such a wide variety of games and eras are able to stand next to one another. Highlighted franchises include Mega Man X, Darkstalkers, Tekken, Shining Force EXA, and many others.

To celebrate the game's release, Project X Zone will include a mini-art book and poster featuring the characters and famous gaming franchises represented in the game as well as a music CD soundtrack. Check out the newest trailer below, and for a more extensive look at the game check out this 10-minute gameplay video. Project X Zone releases on June 25.

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  • what is the internet

  • Dont think this is no where near Smash Bros.
  • Nice but "move over smash bros." Nice??? I think not.
  • Wait there are people who still haven't played this???

    Haha I just noticed in the trailer with Chun-Li they toned down the fanservice. I guess the jiggle won't be there then lol.
  • This will easily be Mega Man's best game in years.
  • Glad this is in June, as I have nothing else (to my knowledge) that comes out that month as well

  • Jump Ultimate Stars Had better Ideas and implemented them very well with different themed worlds based on things like (DBZ, Naruto, One Piece, Ultimate Muscle, and a crazy bunch of others) with platformed stages and very fun online multiplayer.
  • Holy crap, that's a lot of additional content.

    I can't wait until this gets here.

  • put in hd for wii u please lol

  • ...Is it wrong to be turned-on by how amazing a game looks? Because my 3DS is going to be, turned on (instead of charging). That's something I don't often do.
  • I'll be supporting anything Valkyria Chronicles related that comes out west.

  • Holy *** this comes out on my birthday! :)

  • Oh sweetness.

  • This might make me get a 3ds
  • I love games like these, to this day my favorite DS game was Jump Superstars which allowed you to play one of many characters from your favorite Shonen Jump Manga and or Anime. It was a huge and difficult game especially if you don't read a lick of japanese and only know a few words when put in Romaji.

  • Mod

    Cant wait though to be nice to SB they are two separate games.

  • cool

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