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Project X Zone

10-Minute Trailer Shows Lots Of Gameplay And Characters

Project X Zone got its first official trailer today and it's full of characters, gameplay, and Japanese text and dialogue.

According to the trailer, the game features elements from more than 25 Capcom, Sega, and Namco Bandai games. Unfortunately, there is still no word on when or if the game will be coming stateside.

[via Andriasang]

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  • Okay, so the overview of the map plays like Final Fantasy Tactics and when you engage in battle with pairs the point is to keep juggling the enemy. Looks to be good, especially with all the characters and the familiar locales.

  • Is Bruce Willis in this game?
  • Dang I just put this up on my bio like 20 minutes ago. It looks about as insane as I expected I hope it plays well :)
  • I hope it comes stateside cause this game looks cool!!

  • Is that who I think it is?! Could it be?! Mega Man?!

  • Wow. My brain exploded from the sheer colorful mess on the screen. It was too much to comprehend. I couldn't even tell what was going on with all that Japanese shouting. All I can say is I don't think it will be bad.

  • Anyone else day one purchase?

  • Man do i wish this was a fighting game.

  • They Have characters from Super Robot Taisen Endless Frontier? Another reason to but this. Also, I saw a House of the Dead level? That gets a YES for you, SEGA.

  • Happy to see zephry and leanne along with kosmos, haken and kaguya. Hope this comes to america!

  • hope this comes to america and on consoles

  • Game looks insane, I am on board with this one.

  • I'm going to be sad if this doesn't get brought outside of Japan. I'm so even willing to get the Japanese version of this. It just looks so fun. Biggest crossover shown as of now. This is a pretty big crossover.
  • It looks pretty neat. I just wish that they weren't making us sweat about it coming stateside.

  • Just cut the crap and give me Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat and Virtua Fighter vs. Tekken! Most sensible crossovers there could be :( I wanna see Jean Kujo vs Jin and Noob Saibot vs Akuma x_x

  • If Nintendo, Capcom, Namco, and Sega are smart and want to sell a ton of this game they will bring it to the US and Europe. I really hope they do because this looks like an awesome cross over game.

  • Looks as cool as NamcoxCapcom

  • *Silence*

  • Yeah I stopped watching the moment I realized it was not in English.....

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