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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

New Screens And Trailer From Square Enix's Rhythm Game

Hot off the presses, we've got new screenshots and a trailer from Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

Theatrhythm is Square Enix's upcoming effort in the music genre, combining the Final Fantasy series' iconic compositions with rhythm-based gameplay and familiar character. See what to expect in the images and video below!

  • Looks hilariously stupid.

  • I could deal with a wauait for this

  • I could deal with a wauait for this

  • I could deal with a wauait for this
  • I don't usually play rhythm games, but I'm looking forward to this.  FF music is awesome.

  • When this was first announced I had no interest in it, but I'm absolutely sold on it now.

  • final fantasy meets guitar hero?
  • I'm still not sure about this game, I'll probably get it when its cheap.

  • gonna dance to the beat baby

  • I don't know it might be good, but I don't know any Final Fantasy songs. But that's probably because I never played a game.
  • Love the music so I plan to get it.

  • as much as i love anything FF i have to say this is the most off-the-wall thing I think Squar Enix has ever done. I hate to say it but i think it'll flop. If I wanted to listen to FF music I'd just download it somehow.

  • If you look at this as a rhythm game it acually seems to be pretty fun. Especially on the later stages, those seem like a real awesome challenge. A great game while I wait for a new Elite beat agents or their even weirder japanese counterpart (can't remember it's name).

  • And Squenix still doesn't give us FF 15 already!

  • Its so cute I want it >.<

  • fun

  • That's pretty cool.

  • Looks good.

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