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Project X Zone

Project X Zone's First Trailer Is Online

We finally get to see what the collaborative Capcom, Namco Bandai, Sega project looks like in motion.

The game has pretty amazing 2D animation, and what looks to be a huge roster from each of the company's biggest games. There do seem to be some surprising absences though, like Sonic the Hedgehog, but the trailer says that you can expect to see more characters in the full game.

Here's a little bit more about the game, if this is the first you have heard of Project X Zone.

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  • It looks like it would be great for 3D. I thought I heard people saying it wasn't going to be a fighting game, though. I would still quite enjoy owning it.
  • God I want that! They should have thrown SNK on there..... and hopefully it has a color editor....
  • A 2D fighting game... in 2012... I'm sold just out of how rare these are now.
  • Yes! ZERO!

  • Mod

    I just saw Ryu hadouken Tyrant lol. I think this is pretty much a guaranteed purchase.

  • I didn't know what to think about Project X Zone but now that I've seen that trailer, I'm actually kinda excited for it. I wish I had a 3DS to play Project X Zone on.

  • It seems like everyone's getting in on these cross company/franchise games. I look forward to seeing Sony vs Microsoft vs Jesus.
  • I WANT IT!!!! i dont play many fighters but i will get this

  • Capcom & I'm in... (outside of Lost Planet 360 / never worked)
    This is a 3DS game, make no-mistake...
  • I think I saw the words Capcom USA towards the end of the trailer. That or I really just really want it to come put here.
  • Wow I am incredibly impressed and excited looks fast-paced over the top and very fun. Reminds me a lot of Xenogears as well.

  • WOW this looks awesome. I wish I liked turn based rpgs a bit more :/
  • No matter what, I'm probably going to get this, but I WANT SONIC!!!!
  • No matter what, I'm probably going to get this, but I WANT SONIC!!!!
  • they have characters from darkstalkers and dont have Morrigan or Felicia? isnt that agaisnt japanese crossover law? also, Yuri Lowell, YAY!!

  • another reson for me to get a 3ds over vita this look great i'll be capcom all the way
  • Seeing as how this is based on teams, they need to get Viewtiful Joe and Silvia there
  • That was a sexy trailer. Those team attacks looked great.
  • I wouldn't mind seeing a new Mega Man X with sprites like that, Capcom...
  • Those must be some very hard enemies judging by  all the damages inflicted on them.

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