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Cave Story 3D

Delve Into The New Cave Story 3D Trailer

If you like Metroid-style shooters, you'll want to check out the latest trailer for Cave Story 3D. The game combines tons of weapons and retro charm, and it's coming soon to a 3DS near you.

Fans are probably anxious for another look at this title, since we were originally supposed to be playing Cave Story 3D this summer. However, publisher NIS and developer Nicalis pushed the release out to November 8. Everything seems to be on track this time, since the trailer showcases all of the frantic action that you expect (assuming you played the WiiWare original). The video even shows off the 2D sprite mode, so check it out below!

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  • Never played the original, but that looks pretty fun!
  • i hate what nicalis has been doing to Pixel's wondrous creation... Theyve screwed up the music sooo bad and now look what they did to the graphics......... Well the 3ds needs this and so long as the adventure is the same its still a definite purchase for newcomers.
  • Bought the original from the eshop. I wish I knew they were making THIS when I did. Not sure if it's worth buying now.

  • Why didn't this come out when the 3ds came out!! There are to many other games coming out in November...Crap...there gose more money...

  • So is this the type of game where back tracking and getting stuck while spending 3 hours trying to figure out where to go comprises most of the adventure?
  • That looks really cool, and the music sounds really awesome: does anybody have a copy of the music they were playing? I'd really like to have a copy of it... And that guy sort of looks like Mario: maybe it just reminds me of him.

  • Awesome trailer. Awesome music. Never played the original, but definitely adding this to my 3DS library.

  • I have been waiting to play this since I heard the 3D version was coming out, and I am really, really excited. This looks so good.

  • I just don't know if I want this when I can just buy it off DSiWare. I want to support Cave Story because it IS as good as everyone says, but...I dunno....

  • oh yeah i forgot tht cave storywas coming to 3ds well just another game im gonna get when i buy a 3ds

  • Yeah since Nintendo hates Metroid and it may be a while until we get another one... No, I didn't get to play the first but I'll be keeping an eye on this one.
  • Although I would have liked to see a sequel, but if I ever got a 3DS this would be one of the first games I would buy for it. I downloaded Cave Story off the Mac App store just a couple of days ago, and so far im really liking it.
  • These disgusting 3D graphics made me vomit, there is nothing worse than taking a game with beautiful pixelart and making it this ugly. Also 'assuming you played the WiiWare original' the WiiWare original? really? the *** WiiWare ORIGINAL? Get out of game journalism immediately. Cave story has been around on the PC long before the Wii itself was even released.
  • I actually don't think the graphics are bad in 3D, I just prefer the original. Above all, though, I would much rather buy a sequel, since I don't know if I want to spend $35 on a game I played for free.

  • Game looks great really happy you can choose between the 2D and 3D graphics. Game looks like a lot of fun though never had a chance to play the original so this looks like a good purchase. Awesome sound track also.
  • Nicalis has clearly decided to reimagine the Cave Story graphics as opposed to stay as close to the source material as possible; small gripes like changed color schemes, random environmental embellishments, grass town being, effectively, grassless (blasphemy!) are unfortunate.

    And although they said we can play in 2D, I'm now realizing that when they said you can play with "2D sprites" they literally meant only the 2D sprites change, not the actual environments, which is really where the bulk of the graphical changes (and complaints) rest.

    Also, I have to agree that the music has been bastardized. The original music had an inflection that is not apparent in the showing of the two tracks in the video (the title screen track and desert track). It's easy to say it needed to be remixed, which is true, but anyone who loves Cave Story should know that you need look not farther than the "Cave Story Remix Project" for the best example of how to remix Cave Story Music. It's an absolutely fantastic compilation and I'd be surprised and saddened if they didn't have any contact with Nicalis in crafting this remake.

  • Seeing it in motion, I definitely warmed up to the 3d environments a lot more. Though, I still prefer the original.

  • Okay... WiiWare original?  Really?

    As for the graphics, I've gotta say I'm severely disappointed.  The coloring is terrible; dark and grey.  And don't try to support that with any "oh, it's in a cave" stuff.  You can still have beautiful looking caves.  Also, the placement of low-poly environment objects is ugly.  Grass is positioned in basically a grid, for example.  And the textures for a lot of the objects (especially the main ground objects) all look like they're from 1996.  

    Really disappointed, I've been looking forward to this re-release, hoping that the new interpretation will be good, but it clearly isn't...

  • dont care.
  • better on the wii

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