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Cave Story 3D

New Cave Story 3D Screens Emerge

The latest visuals from the game offer a better idea of how the cult game will look when it releases on the Nintendo portable.

Cave Story 3D is completely overhauling the visuals that were produced for the original PC game and the subsequent WiiWare title, recreating the game to run with 3D effects.

The new screens show several familiar areas to anyone who has played the original game. Here's hoping Cave Story 3D turns out to be a high point for the fledgling system.

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  • Wow, that is indeed a graphic overhaul.

  • Looks more like a cave than before, I guess.

  • Wow! It's hardly recognizable! I don't know how I feel about it. I'll have to see it in motion to pass judgment.

  • Wow, it doesn't even look like the same game. I know some people are happy about that but I loved the way the original looked.
  • that looks really good

  • It doesn't madder if you like the original's graphics or not, you can switch between them.

  • Yes, this was a wise move indeed.

  • Whilest I do miss the "retro" look, this is GORGEOUS. Compared to the original, I mean. I like it.
  • Man, Cave Story is fun. I love it, and the theme song got stuck in my head for WEEKS!

  • Under normal circumstances I would say that the graphics look nice, but I enjoyed the retro graphics, and the feeling of nostalgia that came with it.

  • These graphics are pretty cool looking, and the fact that they're letting us switch between this new style and the old style is just icing on the cake. Will definitely be picking this up in the future.

  • Guys, they have a retro option...

  • Now I can see this game's visuals lending themselves well to the 3DS.

  • o sh!t