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Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Paper Mario 3DS Shows Off Its Style

Intelligent Systems' papercraft title may not be any closer to coming out, but in the meantime you can enjoy these screens and gameplay trailer.

The game was shown at last year's E3, and even then it was evident that the system's 3DS capabilities nicely complemented the game's visual style.

Below is evidence that, indeed, Nintendo still intends to put this game out...sometime.

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  • I'm a big fan of all the Mario rpgs so hopefully this game will be just as awesome as the other ones.

  • So getting this...

  • This game needs to come out ASAP, its one of the reasons I was most excited for the 3DS.

  • i want super mario rpg 2!!!! :(
  • I hope it's more like the older Paper Marios, I liked Super Paper Mario, but the other ones were better.

  • It's almost ironic that "Paper" Mario's in 3D... Almost.
  • This video looks really good in 3D.  If you have a 3ds you should download the videos from e3 at the e-shop.  They are free and are a lot better at showing the 3d than the OK Go video.

  • Anything titled Paper Mario is something that's worth playing. Looking forward to this.

  • This looks like it's going to be a return to the true RPG gameplay of the earlier Paper Mario games, which is a very welcome thing. It's probably going to be coming out sometime next year though.
  • Thank goodness one of my friends bought a 3DS so I can just buy the games I love and play them for a few weeks at a time. I feel like a dope buying Nintendo's silly hardware, but some of their games still make me drool. By the way, this trailer was absolutely horrible. The only reason I'm excited is because I played the first two and know what's really in store. If anyone who's never seen the game before watched this they wouldn't last 30 seconds.
  • I loved the N64 paper Mario! I'm glad nintendo has finally decided to take this series portable ;)

  • The Paper Mario games are probably my favorite RPG's of all time. Can't wait!

  • Looks like classic Paper Mario, while I really liked Super Paper Mario on the Wii, I love the old style better.

  • was my original want for a 3ds

  • I downloaded this video on my 3DS and the 3D looks REALLY good on it. I actually downloaded all the e3 videos and I could tell that on some of the games I'll probably have the 3D off, or really low, but I'll have it up high on this game.

  • The noise at the end reminded me of those Intel commercials. Was totally expecting to hear the whole jingle. Oddly enough, there's a similar quote there as well.

    This game looks amazing. I'm a bit concerned about those objects though. Scissors? A fan?
  • The first paper mario was so awesome.. I haven't been engaged in one since.
  • I hope the partner system makes a return but I didnt see any partners in the trailer or screenshots :(

  • Mod

    If anyone else noticed at the very beginning there is a notice saying "use parental controls to disable 3D for children 6 and under" at the bottom of the screen.

    I really liked the first and second paper mario's but was very disappointed with the one for the wii. If you make a game that's supposed to be a RPG stick with it don't change the formula to much or else you get a totally different game. I had been hoping for a paper mario for the DS for the longest time as I don't want to buy the 3DS, so I could play all the awesome game's coming out. Nintendo I wish you would still make DS versions of the 3DS games....

  • Hopefully this game can be for the 3DS what the Mario & Luigi series was for the GBA and DS: a witty, easy to pick-up-and-play RPG.

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