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TurdFurgy's Stats

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  • TurdFurgy a.k.a. Kyle



    Starting weight: 274

    Target Weight: 200

    Idea weight: 180

  • UPDATE: 262 lbs

    I decided to step on the scale at my local Win Dixi last night because I hadn't weighed myself since I started. I was pretty sure their scale was broken until I got home and my scale showed the same results. I got to say it felt pretty good to see that much progress. It gave me a pretty big boost when I ran this morning!

  • UPDATE: 256 lbs

    This past week I didn't run at all. I was too deep in college stuff. But I still managed to shed a few. Woot!

  • Man, that's great...keep working! You'll get your target weight in no time

  • Update: 250 (on the dot)

    Ok. I haven't ran at all in the past few weeks :(.

    First it was school. Then I got a bad cut on my ankle and couldn't RUN for two weeks. Then after that healed I hurt my hip and that lasted a few days and when that healed I hurt my back. And the other day after I felt I was good to go, I got shanked by a nasty splinter in my foot that was so big that I had to put a lot of effort in to pull it out.

    So today it feels ok. I feel that I'll be able to start back up again tomorrow if the evil forces that are trying to prevent me from RUNning will leave me alone, lol.

  • Look what I got in the mail today!

  • Hey guys, I've gone down from a Size 44 to a 36 in pants!!!!! I haven't seen 36 since middle school.

  • SNAP! That's monumental dude, huge congrats.

  • Update: 256

    It's been a while.

    I dropped the exercise thing for a while, why? I don't really know. And I never started on it again because I just couldn't seem to find the right time to start again. I got up 260 and when my grandpa died this last Christmas I got up to 268. I've lost all three of my grandfathers (I still count steps as family) and I almost lost my dad in a car accident in November. I realized that they didn't get the chance to see me get healthy and that made me sad. I also realized that we're not promised tomorrow and life is too short to be this fat. So to renew my interest in exercise I bought a mountain bike in January.

    I planned to use it as a means to get to the park where I exercise to save on gas and for it to act as a warm up. It had been since middle school that I had been on a bike. So it took me a while to get used to it and I had to build some leg muscles.

    So when I finally acclimated myself to my bike I decided it was time to start my daily jog up again. So I woke up early, put on my exercise clothes, put on my favorite podcast, hopped on my bike and rode to the park.

    When I got there I decided to do a lap on my bike before I went jogging.

    It had rained pretty hard the day before and I wasn't paying attention and I went down on a wooden bridge that has a sharp turn that's hard to make even when dry.

    I went to turn and I didn't.

    I just slide sideways and slammed into the ground and the side rails.

    I immediately knew that I had hurt my leg pretty bad.  When I got up it was already bruised yellow. Embarrassed that somebody might have seen me,I got up and walked my off the bridge and rode my bike home.

    When I got home the bruise was gone, but it was very swollen. Later that day I realized that I hurt my hip and my shoulder when I landed on my side and put my arm in front of my face to prevent me from hitting my head.

    With the way I had to hold my left shoulder to keep it from hurting, my hurt hip on my left side and my banged up right shin I had to walk in the most bizarre way. That was on a Wednesday.

  • A week later my shoulder and hip no longer hurt, my shin was still swollen, but it felt fine and I decided to restart my exercise. So I went to the park and jogged. Everything was fine until I got home and my shin started hurting real bad and it bruised all over my leg. I discovered I had a real tight knot on top of my shin and I decided that I should wait to jog. My bike accident was over four weeks ago and the bruises are almost gone, but I still have a big, tight knot on top of my shin. I haven't seen a doctor and I'm wondering if I have done something permanent to my leg.

    But anyways, riding my bike got me down to 256 and I hope to start up again soon, because, well, I don't like being fat.

    It allays seems like every time I start exercising something happens to me, like a hurt ankle, or it rains too much, or something like that. And when those sort of things happen I have to stop running for a few days and then it just knocks me off my schedule and it takes me half a year to make myself jog again.  

  • Wow, sorry for the big blog I just posted.

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