"It's time to level up and improve your stats! Gather here to get advice and support for being a healthier you. Post your stats and progress and share your stories. It's all about being the best you that you can be!"

The idea of Project RUN is to promote health among gamers. It's no secret that gamers are often stereotyped as lazy couch potatoes who do nothing but game all day with a bag of Doritos at their side. But we all know that all kinds of people with different lifestyles make up the gaming crowd. 

The mission of the project

  • To promote health through out the gaming crowd
  • Provide a place to help and incourage gamers to be more healthier
  • To destroy the stereotype that has been cast among gamers

In this group you will find...

  • Tips and guidelines specific to gamers that will help and influence health
  • Suggestions from fellow gamers with experience.

Each member will create their own thread detailing their stats however they see fit and will be able to update their stats as they go. An example of this will be provided in the form of my own thread. 

There are online events that are in planning that should allow for a great deal of fun.

If you have any questions please ask in the comment section below. Good Luck!


(Unless noted otherwise, no one in the Project RUN group is a medical professional and can not give you medical advice. You should consult your doctor before undertaking any new health routine or diet.)