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Hot Potato Challenge

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  • Don't get too excited! This is no blog event, merely a between members thing to inject some life blood into the group... and our excercise schedules. It's simple, post some althletic accomplishment and challenge someone to both match it, but also differentiate on it.

    Like a game of horse, basically....

    Anyways, I'd like to ask people to try to shy away from the ridiculous, keep it doable, no 100 pushups in a row, no 20 mile runs.

    I'll start things off, run 5 miles. I did so monday.   

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  • Is it asking people to match what you've done? If so, 5 kilos in 21:45.

  • *coughs* Yea... I'm not gonna be posting any impressive cardio feats for a while, unfortunately. If I'm honest, an 8 minute mile usually leaves me winded for a good 2 or 3 minutes :\ But in fairness, cardio is a very small part of my regime.

    Eh, considering the tone set by Romars for this thread I guess I shouldn't feel like a tool for sharing some info on my situation.

    I began lifting weights at the beginning of February at 5' 11", 143lbs, approximately 16% body-fat. Just going off some of the more popular suggestions for starting strength training I managed to get up yo 152lbs by the end of May, maybe shedding 1%BF. Through June and early July I changed up my routine, targeting neglected heads of certain muscle groups, but stayed right around the same weight and BF. Ready to up the ante, I decided to enter my first cutting phase on July 9th.

    10 days in, and I'm floored by the immediate results. Cut back my daily calories by about 200 via carbs, and the fat around my abs is melting away. 3 days on, 1 off with light cardio (usually the aforementioned 8min mile).. so far so good. Hoping to keep with this until Sept 10th or so, then switching over to endurance training to get my cardio up to spec for my first venture into obstacle racing in Oct.


  • @cman, yep. That's about right. Maybe I'll try yours today... conversion is 1 km= 0.6 miles correct?

    @eyros, 8 minutes a mile is a decent time... I actually haven't tried a speed mile run before.  You seem to be making more than decent progress.

    Good to see such immediate interest, I should have dropped this earlier!

    EDIT: @Cman.. I just did the math... that is quite the accomplishment actually, less then 7 minutes a mile in succession. I'm mostly about endurance not speed. But I'm going to give that challenge a week of tries, but strike my cavelier attitude from the record.

    And let's try not to make all the challenges this grandiose.

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  • Good luck, man.  It wasn't easy. ;) I'm young, though, so it was easier for me.

  • First try took me 23:29, which was better than I expected. I think I got a chance... but be prepared, If I manage it I'll lay a challenge on you too.

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  • Do we do this in a certain order?

  • Naw, just pick what you want.

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  • Today I walked a mile in 110 degree heat with my 7yr old sister on my shoulders. There's my potato. I guess you could substitute little sisters with backpacks loaded with bricks or potatoes.

  • @TF, HA! Lol, but I get where your coming from, hottest summer in years, it's not even cool at night now where I am.

    @Cman.... I fail. Couldn't do it, my last two times I couldn't beat my first time. But I'll keep trying. But I'll move the challenge to my personal stats page. If you have any advice for improving speed, I'm all ears.

    KAMINA-01-1.jpg Kamina image by lokwokcheung Suda51 Group


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