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  • Not really. Liked him more as a kid and lets be honest with ourselves, Superman is a character that is geared more toward kids. Most super heroes are/were, but it has become apparent that Superman still is. The writers continue to write him as this all powerful being who can basically beat everyone, further fueling the child like statement "well my ___ can beat your ___! It's gotten to the point that he is immune to his biggest weakness...kryptonite, yet in Superman Returns he is able to lift an entire Kryptonite Island all while having a piece of kryptonite piercing his skin. He has a weakness to magic yet in the JLU animated series, he beats Captain Marvel. He has a weakness to red sun radiation, yet he was still able to beat Captain Atom in the JLU animated series as CA was saturating him with red sun radiation. In Man Of Steel he was able to hold his own, and eventually beat Zod, and Zod is/was supposed to be a highly skilled fighter with years of combat training. Makes no sense. If Superman is this God-like entity that has no equal...then what are the other DC heroes there for?