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Dreambattle thread

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  • You think Laturn would kill Typhlosion? Think Darkrai is the king of pokemon? Either way this thread is for dreambattles, throwdowns, wish matches, and anything else related.

  • Since we're all playing the new HG or SS, I would like to propose an old classic that still refuses to either die or settle.......


    Now we all have thought about it. I'm preety sure we all have an opinion about it. Lugia and Ho-oh are very evenly matched, with Lugia being more defensive and Ho-oh being more offensive. I think that it would come down to the movesets, but out of personal preference, i'm gonna go with HO-OH

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  • Lugia has high spc. atk... or at least mine does and it gets water type moves that can cream Ho-Oh (hydro pump I believe). It would come down to move sets and stats... but Lugia doesn't seem to be too affected by many of Ho-Oh's attacks.


  • Ho-oh can learn ancientpower and punishment, so it does have moves that can hurt lugia. Lugia does learn hydro pump and ancientpower, so it can fight back. This would definately come down to what moves they can learn TM/HM and Shard wise. I wanna say that Lugia may have the advantage, but I would never count my Ho-oh out.

    Also when it comes to the stats, I was speaking in a general sense. My Lugia has better defense than offense and my Ho-oh has better offense than defense, and they  do tend to follow this general path (although there are always exceptions to the rule.)

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  • Yes, that is definitely true. Lugia normally has double the def. stats that Ho Oh has , and vice versa... but with some smart EV training you can close the gaps for both of them, making it come down to moves (as you've said). Ancient power is good against flying, but you compare its power to that of hydro pump and you've got a distinct disadvantage... and punishment only works well if the foe is stat boosted... which ancient power can do to you... I never did like punishment much, wouldn't let absol learn it.


  • Ahhh but the problem with hydro pump is that when you need it to hit the most, thats when it decides to miss. Ancientpower may be weaker, but it's more accurate, and may give Ho-oh an in battle stat advantage.

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  • Ah... common misconception. It's all odds and probabilities. Which is why you would always have a back-up move. At most ancient power can have 8 uses. Under pressure it get 4. Chances of a stat boost are therefore under 25 percent... meaning you're more likely to not get that stat boost. Hydro pump has an accuracy of 80... under pressure it's a maximum of four uses... it will probably fail once out of those four times. Using it first... if it hits it's probably a win or near win... if it misses, chances are that Ho Oh will not get a stat boost. Follow it up with Thunder bolt and you're likely to win.

    Now me? I personally prefer Brine, because it's stronger than ancient power and just as accurate, but if Lugia is lower than half HP then its power doubles from 65 to 130... making it much more powerful than hydro pump. add that in with Roost for HP gain and ancient power to fight with BEFORE half your HP is gone... and psychic just because you need Lugia to fight something other than Ho Oh. XD


  • What, no Aeroblast?

    Ok, i'll give you Brine but it,s power doubles when Ho-oh health is below half, which i'll have Recover for.Ancientpower would only serve as a gague and a possible buff,a feel for how good your defenses are, so when i use Thunderbolt I can guess about where your health should end up. And if all else fails, Sacred Fire.

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  • Aeroblast is ok... but the health replentishing roost fits better... and Psychic can lower spec. def... and I was under the impression that Brine was more powerful if Lugia's health was low, not Ho Oh. Plus you also have to realize that Lugia is faster than Ho oh... so even if it is Ho Oh being low on health, you would end up using recover AFTER Lugia... which would end up in a never ending recover fest.


  • Lugia is faster, but only by a little. It would definately  be cool to see how this would turn out though, because truthfully in the end it could be decided by a critical hit. But you know what? I kind of feel bad for the original legandary birds a little bit. Ever since Lugia and Ho-oh came on the scene, for the most part they have been shot down by them. I would love to see Artucino, Zapdos, and Moltres take on Lugia and Ho-oh to regain some of the respect they deserve.

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  • Articuno could kill Lugia hands down with ice beam alone... Zapdos would cream Ho Oh and Moltres... well it's always been the odd duck of the family for sharing the same types as Ho Oh. >.> Kinda like that bizarre uncle no one wishes to talk about.


  • I have to disagree(big suprise). Artucino and Zapdos definnately have the type advantage, but i'm not sure if Artucino's sp.atk can match up with Lugia's sp.def and   Ho-oh would definately give Zapdos a workout.Don't get me wrong, Zapdos should win,, but it will be a hard fought victory.

    And Moltres............. well I see Moltres as more of the jilted older sibling that everyone completely for got about as soon as younger sibling Ho-oh came on the scene.

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  • It's all because of the friggin' sacred fire attack.

    Ok... new dream battle and this is an old one. They even made a movie because of it: Mew vs. Mewtwo

    Does mew's ability to learn any attack and transform allow it to best not only the greater special attack, but the extremely high speed of Mewtwo?


  • I am a firm beliver that flexibility beats raw power. Mewtwo may be stronger, but Mew can adapt to a battle in more ways than Mewtwo can.

    EDIT: I don't know why, but I always find sacred fire more fun to use. Maybe if Moltres had it's own signature attack, then maybe it could come out of Ho-oh's shadow a little bit

    My only New's Resoloution is to start restoring my video game collection.

  • Ah but I'm a firm believer that if you have raw power and the speed to catch your opponent... doesn't matter how flexible they are. They won't get away.


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