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Favorite Type

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  • These threads seem to pop up so... What is your favorite type?

    For me personally I love the Normal and the Psychics.

  • The grass type's my favorite, since that type has absorb & giga drain, and that type has Venusaur, one of my first and favorite pokemon.

    Also like the fighting, water, electric, and steel, but my favorite has to be grass, hands down.

  • Psychic and Dark! Combined they really can't be beaten.


  • My fav has gotta be water. A good water pokemon can weather any challange set against them.

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  • I totally agree marshone my favorite type.

  • In friendly debate? What about the water pokemon who takes a lightning attack from a psychic?


  • They're plenty of water pokemon that can learn dark, bug, or ghost type moves.Examples:

    Feraligatr learns bite and crunch

    Lanturn learns signal beam (or his volt asorb ability which would make electric useless)

    Starmie can be taught shadow ball

    My only New's Resoloution is to start restoring my video game collection.

  • Flying. And I am eternally wondering why there is no pure Flying type. They're all part Normal, which makes Fighting moves normally effective against them, which bugs me.

    EDIT: And by "They're all" I mean Pidgey, Starly, Spearow, Taillow, and at least a few others I think. All part normal.

  • For most water pokemon like that... then it would come down to a battle of speed and stats... which most Psychic have the higher end of the spec. atk. and spd. stats... where as dark pokemon hold high atk. and spd. stats. If you take part of my old diamond team:

    Azelf - knew fire blast, energy ball, and psychic all of its stats were the uppers of 200 with a 300 in spec atk.

    Which could be backed up by Absol - knew ice beam, charge beam, night slash and swords dance. Insane attack and average other stats with fairly high speed.

    Absol would take Feraligatr and Starmie, both of which their attacks would be less than effective... and Azelf would take Lanturn with energy ball. Yes signal beam would be effective, but chances are with Azelf's high spec atk and the double damage for super effective... it would be handed to whomever had high speed. On average that is the psychic type.


  • Fire. My two strongest pokemon right now are Quilava and Charmeleon.

  • While i agree that psychics obiviously have a speed advantage and some darks do as well, I like to point out that they also tend to focus on the offense more than the defense

    Azelf and Absol, generally speaking, are not the pokemon u think of when you think of defense

    That's why I like water pokemon. Most water pokemon, generally speaking,tend to be more evenly balanced, with a little specialization toward one or two stats. they can dish out damage, and I don't have to worry about if they will get knocked out in one hit.

    Now to the secarnio you you put up. I would'nt use a dark or ghost type move on Absol (that would be dumb) I would use one of thier  water moves or other moves that would be more effective (feraligatr can learn superpower and I want to say starmie can learn signal beam too, but I have to check on that) Starmie may fall, but Feraligatr would pick up where starmie left off. Now as far as Lanturn vs. Azlef goes, I would definately give the speed advantage to Azlef, but health would go to Lanturn, who has some of the highest health for a water pokemon in the game. It's special atk and def is preety good too, so if Azlef can't do a one hit K.O. (or enough to ensure that it goes down in two hits) then I see that matchup going to a Lanturn

    My only New's Resoloution is to start restoring my video game collection.

  • I created a monster.. should we create a specific thread just for pokemon dream throwdowns???

  • I think a throwdown thread would be pretty fun.

    I'll give you the Feraligatr could trump where Starmie left off... but in a six pokemon match if you're down by one and then you swap pokemon. Also, Absol vs. Starmie... Starmie being part psychic would place it at a disadvantage... possibly a one-hit from Absol. Starmie is notorious for having higher spec. def and lower def... (I would know... ended up trading my Starmie in for another pokemon, though in Diamond I have two Starmie who make a killer double team)

    And Lanturn does have a bus-load of health... it would be interesting.


  • Throwdown thread would definately be fun

    On the Absol vs. Starmie thing, since you raised some before, you know first hand that starmie is no slouch when it comes to speed. That may very well come down to who can hit who first.

    O and moogle you did'nt create a monster, just a means for people to say thier favorite type and should someone propose a certain secarnio, a means to back your type up.

    My only New's Resoloution is to start restoring my video game collection.

  • Starmie can be fast... but I raise Absol too... while shy on the defense... their speed is no slouch nor is their spec. def. Besides... Starmie fits into my favorite types as a psychic. XD


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